Moon Phases

Moon Phases Spiritual Meaning

There are four moon phases: waxing, full, waning, and the new moon. Each phase of the moon is good for different types of spells, planting, and life changes.

Not that you cannot grow your crop nor do a certain spell when not in the same moon phase as listed but rather this is the best time to do them. The moon phase assists in the activities of planting and ritual because the phase of the moon influences the tide, water, and gravitational pull of the Earth. These energies create a strong pull to certain aspects of humanity which are reflected in spell work and the psychic attunement of individuals. 

Waxing Moon Phase

Waxing Crescent Moon, the kind that looks like a Man in a Moon drawing or a small sliver of the moon. When the Moon is waxing the dark side is to your left, and the bright white of the moon is to your right side. IF you want your hair to grow thick and fast cut your hair when the moon is waxing. People plant crops that are grown for their leaves, flowers, or seeds during the waxing moon for the best growth and productivity. 

Spells that are best in the waxing phase are:

  • Love spells to draw someone to you.
  • Money spells to attract wealth.
  • Crown of Success spells to advance a career and bring the most recognition on the job or bring customers to your business.
  • Honey Jar spells to sweeten someone to you.
  • Invocation of goddess. 
  • Rituals concerning women’s fertility. 
  • Blessing, purification, and cleansing rituals that require additional energy. 
  • Full Moon Phase

A full moon is about fourteen days after the waxing moon. When the moon is full you will see no black and full light of the moon, and it is reserved for light works and dedications to benevolent lunar deities. It is used for celebrations and prayers for peace. When the moon is full this is the best time to charge magical items, omens rites, and invocations. 

Spells that are best in full moon phase are:

  • Fertility spells to become pregnant or to help aid with a healthy pregnancy. 
  • Wiccanings for small children. 
  • Invoking energy into tools and herbs. 
  • Beginning new herbs for magical purposes. 
  • Health spells to invite a healthier cycle into your life. 
  • Blessing spells over family, friends, house and belongings.
  • Menstruation blood rituals. 

Waning phase Moon Phases

The waning phase is about three days after a full moon.  You will see the dark side showing on the right side of the moon and more than half the moon is still bright. This is the waning gibbous moon- it looks perfectly round on the left side, but bulged out past half-way on the right. This is the time to begin waning, repelling, decreasing, or reversing spells. If you want to keep a hairdo and slow down your hair growth cut your hair when the moon is waning. People plant crops that are grown for their roots during the waning moon. 

Spells that work best in warning phase are:

  • Separation and break up spells to end a love affair.
  • Hot foot spells to drive away an unwanted neighbor.
  • Uncrossing spells to remove crossed conditions.
  • Beginning hexing or binding spells on others. 
  • Finding lost items. 

New Moon Spiritual Meaning

The new moon is almost all dark and can barely be seen in the night sky. For this reason, this moon phase is referred to as dark of the moon. It is reserved for dark works and dedicated to dark deities. It takes about 14 days from warning to new reach new moon phase. Communing with herbs, tools, and stones, and also for scrying and psychic visions are best during a new moon. 

  • Spells that work best in a new moon are:
  • Banishing spells to make things and people go away.
  • Cleansing spells to clean the soul.
  • Psychic introspection spells to ensure balance.
  • Communication spells to talk to the dead.
  • Croning rituals. 

By Florance Saul
Mar 16, 2013