Monkey is known to be almost likened to man when taking into account the theory on man’s evolution. This theory earned a lot of criticism and debates.

Aside from this controversial and disputable role of monkey in mankind, this creature also plays an important role to people who believe in animal symbolism. What does it mean if we happen to came across with monkeys? Either for real or through dreams or images, it could mean something.

Amazingly, these primates are associated with intelligence, intensity and involvement. Since ancient time portrayed in myths and teachings, monkeys are animated entertainers and mischievous revealers. Since monkeys are known for being playful, having a totem of monkey would suggest fondness to practical jokes and trickery. But, remember to take into consideration, jokes that does not harm others and good tricks only.

Socially as being observed, monkey exhibits close bonding with each other which manifests passion for understanding and compassion. At often times, these creatures are also engaged into cleaning each other which suggests high regards for grooming. If we take these dominant behaviors of the monkey displayed socially, it means family and support. This suggests to us to pay attention to our loved ones, take a closer look to them and find out their state and make them feel that you are always around and always there for them.

Monkeys are observed to be loud and bold with quite interesting facial expression. With this monkey totem meditate on the monkey, and it will lead you into having the sense of audacity, boldness and confidence. Be inspired with the ability of the monkey. Learn to convey your position with confidence. Retrospect and learn how you present yourself and your stand to others. Once you need the same confidence and boldness, meditate on the monkey and allow its boldness to work in you.

In animal kingdom, monkeys are erratic, threatening and not meek to other animals. These behaviors suggest aggressiveness to defend their family, territory and habitat. Thus, it symbolizes resistance to change. If you have the monkey totem, watch out for your behavior especially when your authority is being challenged because you may have the potential to employ aggression.

On its physical attribute, its tail is symbolic also. It signifies balance and control. In four aspects of our lives – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental – monkey’s tail can help us find control to maintain good sense of equilibrium between and among these aspects. Monkey’s tail also signifies mobility and connectivity guiding us within ourselves in discovering our fears and doubts and coping with it.

In Zodiacal symbol of Chinese Zodiac signs, if you fall into monkey signs, you are most likely witty and fast thinker for monkey signifies versatility and movement. This gives you edge in your daily life.

This creature symbolizes also great honor, according to Mayan symbols. In this culture, they believed that the monkey symbolizes enthusiasm to expression either communicating verbally or through art or creativity.

Here are some words to consider when looking into the symbolism of a monkey: playfulness, aggression, Intelligence, energy, seriousness, distance, mobility, protection, community, luck, undomesticated nature, swiftness, instinct, honor, dominion.

Monkey shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be able to move through the ego.
  • You need to be able to change your environment.
  • You need to protect your family.
  • You need to understand the excess.
  • You need good health.

Call on Monkey as a spirit guide when

  • You need to understand success.
  • You need sacred energy.
  • You need integrity.
  • You need patience.
  • You need to be spontaneous.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013