Mongooses are often seen on Asia, Africa and Europe. Their sizes vary depending on the type of species.

A dwarf mongoose weighs at around 10 oz while a white tailed mongoose scales at around 9 lbs. Some mongoose species lives a solitary life, they seek food only for themselves but there are others who live in a group sharing things among members of the group.

Mongooses are a familiar face on the roadside shows of Pakistan. Mongooses are being kept as a pet by some snake charmers to fight a snake. In Okinawa, Japan similar practices are enjoyed by the Japanese people but this time mongoose is fighting with a deadly habu snake. The two are fighting in a short distant, but due to some animal activist this demonstration is less familiar this day.

Diodorus Siculus stated that Ancient Egyptians respect native mongooses for their talent to control deadly venomous snakes and for consuming crocodile eggs. Vaisravana, the Buddhist god of wealth is often adorned with a mongoose that is emitting precious gems from its mouth.

Rudyard Kipling also made a story entitled Rikki-Tikki-Tavi about a pet mongoose who saves a family from two venomous cobras. The story was later adapted into a film and a song.

Mongoose is a sign of courage; it teaches us how to defend our self with pure integrity and righteousness to experience a result that will benefit both sides. This is a special skill of mongoose people, they can settle an issue with someone without exerting too much effort and definitely without resulting to another conflicts. This trait of mongoose is an envy of every totem animals.

Mongoose is also a reminder that we should pursue our goals and passions and acquired a desirable outcome. It is telling us that if we love what we do, then we would not treat it as a job, we will see it as a hobby and we’ll continue to find joy in doing it.

It is also a sign that we should clear our life with clutters and mess. Things that distract our peaceful life should be trashed since it is interfering with our efficiency. Mongoose is telling us to relax. There is a possibility that you are thinking of too many useless things lately. Remember there is no use in worrying to something when you can do nothing about it, let it pass. Chances are this things does not matter at all.

Mongoose can also teach you on how to avoid those people that will not cause you any good. These are people who are full of negativity on their life. These people can be a poison to your personality, they suck all the good vibes on someones life and replace it with their miseries.

Mongoose appears as an animal spirit when

  • We need to protect ourselves.
  • We are letting go of our passion.
  • There are many things that bothering us.
  • When we need to analyze people’s behavior.
  • We need to endure difficulties and challenge.

Call on Mongoose as an animal spirit when

  • We are seeking for a certain level of courage to defend ourselves.
  • We are getting tired of pursuing our dreams.
  • We need to relax.
  • There are some types of people to be avoided.
  • We need to distress.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013