Money at Home Spell

Money at Home Spell

This is another simple spell to bring money into your home.

This spell is a very simple and popular spell and there are many variations to it. Keeping money in your house is important for there to be financial energy to help you continue to gain wealth. When you are out of money and penniless then you have no means to create energy for more money. 

The green candle is often used when one feels that material goods are causing issues in their lives. It is often a candle color that is chosen when one needs to improve or encourage financial security.  So if you are having money worries then it is recommended to burn a green candle.

  • Candle color: Green
  • Plant: Mercury
  • Archangel: Chamuel
  • Earth: is the element

It is also considered a good luck money charm and creates wealth for those who often come and go from your house.

What you need:

  • An envelope.
  • Green candle.
  • Money (any denomination of bills or coins that you are comfortable with investing in this spell)
  • A green pen.

You will create a simple money charm by placing the money you have chosen in the envelope and then drawing on the outside of the envelope a money symbol with a triangle around it. Place the envelope under  welcome mat as you walk in the door. You can also pin the envelope above your door. Light the green candle and write on with green pen "Money." This will draw the money to you.

Each time you cross by your money envelope say to yourself:

β€œMoney welcomes me and money goes with me to and from my home.”

This is a long term spell to create ongoing financial stability in your life.

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012