Money In the Door Spell

Money In the Door Spell

This spell is a very simple and popular spell and there are many variations to it.

Keeping money in your house is important for there to be financial energy to help you continue to gain wealth.

When you are out of money and penniless then you have no means to create energy for more money. This is why this spell is important. 1. It helps to ensure money always is in your home and 2. It keeps money in sight so that you have money on money on your mind and are thus thinking about what you want in your life.

What you need:

One dollar worth of change. 4 quarters is fine or any other combination of coins to equal a dollar. More coins can increase the chances of places to put the money. Avoid using pennies, unless that is all you have.

Take the coins and place them around your home on the floor. This act grounds the money to your home. Make sure that they are out in the open and not covered. Also be sure that if you have pets or small children that they will not be eaten. Money swallowed creates a whole different problem!

You can place the coins all around your home or in one room. If you have a home office then it is important to have money in that room especially!

Once the money is placed around your home and you feel satisfied with their locations then chant loudly in your home:

β€œMoney on the floor turns into more!” as many times as you feel comfortable.

You will notice that your energy is raised as you chant it more and more.

Also, chant this every time you come across the money on your floor. Every time that you say this you will increase the money coming into your house.

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012