Australian Marsupial mole is a burrowing marsupial inhabiting Australia’s deserts. It’s physical characteristics consists of an amazing golden color, rudimentary/imperfectly developed eyes, no outer ears, nostrils covered by a horny plate and two claws which evolved from its front paws. It only surfaces after rain. It lives underground consuming ants, termites, other insects and seeds.

When you observe these moles, it seems that they swim through the sand for their tunnels collapse as they pass through. With this condition, they were able to make their pouch facing backwards so that it would not be filled with sand. You might think that these solitary moles are not related to other marsupials, yet they have been living in the Australia’s deserts for 50 million years.

Lessons and Challenges:

Faith is the virtue being demonstrated by these marsupial moles. Living without their sense of sight in a sandy environment just to nourish their body seems to be the best example to live by faith and not with what we see with our eyes.

Unlike other animal symbols that teach us to be more inquisitive, Marsupial mole shows us to live without any doubt. Doubt sometimes fails us to enjoy moments of our life such as love and spirituality in fear of something.

When you see a marsupial symbol, better believe your instincts not what your eyes can see. When a person looks to be trustworthy yet your instincts tell you that he’s not, better believe your instincts. Likewise, trust your heart not your head.

This mole gave away its sense of sight to better use its other senses. It teaches us to make the best out of our senses.

Try to get beneath your senses. Do you trust your senses and instincts over judgments of the people around you? It is a must to be able to comprehend the information given by your senses and even your instinct so that you will be able to grasp wisdom out of complicated situations.

Marsupial vibes may bring unexplainable situations. These only make sense if you will be able to interpret such in context of ideas.

Marsupial mole energy helps you confirm what you believe and the spiritual path which you are curious about.

The Shadow Aspects:

An inquisitive mind let us scrutinize things first so that we will not be mistaken. However, marsupial mole convinced us to stop all the questioning and let things go as it is.

Its shadow energy conveys a message that we are taking higher powers for granted. Maybe, it is because we cannot find a proof of higher power nor god nor faith. However marsupial mole urges us to search the greater spirit so that we will feel his presence.


Animal helpers cannot be forced to appear with you. Same with this trusted animal guide, it only visits you in the right time of your life. This symbol is not so vocal for it shares a message through actions not words.

This animal is not hard to please when it comes to offerings. Treat this with all respect and it would be best for amateurs.

Mole shows up as a spirit guide when:

  • You need to have a guardian of lower regions.
  • You need to have knowledge of herbs.
  • You need to understand the roots.
  • You need to know the minerals.
  • You need to have knowledge of the rivers.

Call on Mole as a spirit guide when

  • You need to connect with the energies of the earth.
  • You need to understand love expressed in nature.
  • You need to be sensitive to touch.
  • You need to understand energies.
  • You need to understand other hidden bounties of the earth.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013