Mocking Bird

Mocking Bird

First of the entire story behind the name. The mocking bird has earned reputation as a mocker.

It imitates the songs of other birds, it mimics the sound of insects and amphibians so what`s up mocker?

Northern mocking bird reaches 10 inches in length when fully grown. Its long tail jerks when it is excited. Their long legs are a pair of natural forks to capture insects from the tricky layer of leaves scattered on the ground as well as the undergrowth.

Despite their grey complexion which might not please the eye, the above said mimicry is a magnet of attention. The mocking bird that goes as far as imitating dogs and cats. Its actual song is a mixture of songs of several other birds.

This combined bard is capable of singing whilst flying as well as singing the same tune in succession, increasing the loudness and frequency. Its album has capacity of 30 songs! The Latin name “mockingbird” gives the meaning as “the imitated song of many tongues”.

  • Language learners, attention: The mocking bird teaches us how to learn several languages and speak with utmost fluency. The spokespersons and clever language interpreters are probably people of mockingbird totem.
  • Mocking bird has its own sacred song, the combination. This particular verse is sung again and again in repetition. Each time, some tunes are added some tunes are removed. The song of life is upgraded and sung with progressive frequency. We too have our songs of life to sing, with our vast ocean of experience. We have to live confidently with more power in each new dawn. We have loses, gains but our song goes on. We must investigate our natural frequency and sing accordingly, to maximize the resonance power.
  • The specialness of the mocking bird is its talent. Likewise, mockingbird people have great reputations of their capabilities and talents than their appearance. Likewise a mockingbird mimicking its neighbors try to observe your neighbors and understand their vices .Like a mockingbird switching from one note to another , leave the past misdeeds and adopt good qualities. Learn from everybody, every situation. It teaches how to implement our senses and creativity to reach our peace. Our imitations are the mirror images of ourselves, so the mocking bird teaches us self-understanding. It can direct us to a more suitable, more resonating, sweeter life song.
  • Mocking birds are aggressive guards of their nests who attack unauthorized intruders ruthlessly. We must also have confidence to protect our own means and stand up for our rights.
  • If we summarize its teachings, the most important one is the discovery of our own life. It consumes our experience and the curious study of our society and ultimately adjusting our views to aid heal the conscience. It also teaches about confident and the courage to protect ourselves in case of danger. It also explains how looking at our own images helps us in understanding our faults and correcting them.

Mocking Bird shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to use knowledge gained on the outside to heal the inside.
  • You need to learn through experience.
  • You need to be curious.
  • You need to know your territory.
  • You need to overcome your fear.

Call on Mocking Bird as a spirit guide when

  • You need to control your attitude.
  • You need to be intelligent.
  • You need to learn by experience gained.
  • You need wisdom.
  • You need to have knowledge.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013