Minnow consist of smaller fish in Leuciscinae and carp family.

It is a general term that is usually used to refer to the small saltwater and freshwater fish especially the ones used as bait fish.

There are different kinds of minnows. Some of them are Blunt nose Minnow, Top Minnow, Common shiner and Common Emerald Shiner among others.

Minnow has several characteristics traits that are very symbolic and provide wisdom to human. There are several teachings that we can learn from these kinds of fish.

Minnow’s wisdom includes: connection to youth, power of group protection, understanding peer issues, issues related to size, maintaining the self within the group.

Minnow teaches us the connection to the youth. The youth are very active and competent in all they do. They usually like to work together as a group. Everyone always wants to be youthful and young all the time. They want to be youthful throughout their lives. Minnow are the small fish that have maintained their youth. They are young and energetic all the time.

They can swim in the waters very fast. They are capable of getting their prey in the waters just like the larger fish in the waters. The only challenge they have is that their predators are the large fish in the waters. They have to swim fast enough to avoid their predators. The youth in the society are also at risk because they have to fight for the few resources available in the society. They have to work hard to gain what they want and achieve their goals. It is said survival for the fittest is the best way to gain what we want in this competitive world.

It teaches us the power of group protection. We want to belong to a particular group that we protect and want to associate with. Most people always want to belong to a particular group that they can be associated with. For instance, some people may want to be associated with a particular religion, denomination, party, culture, ethnic group or just a particular status.

Minnow also helps us to understand the issues of peer. They always have several things in common and sometimes are in groups. This teaches us that peer pressure happens when there is a group that has one thing in common and share common issues.

We also learn to understand the issues related to size, appearance and self esteem. Small size may not make any difference compared to large size. This is because the small fish also have the strength just as the big fish and can also do anything that can be done by the big fish.

Another thing we learn from Minnow is the ability to maintain themselves within the group. This is where they are able to do their own things that do not concern the group. They are able to develop themselves without the involvement of the group.

Minnow shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need the power to belong to a certain group.
  • You are under influence of peer pressure.
  • You need to maintain given status of a certain group where you belong.
  • You need to have self esteem.
  • You need to be youthful.

Call on Minnow as a spirit guide when

  • You don’t understand yourself.
  • You want a sense of belonging.
  • You have low self esteem.
  • You lose your identity.
  • You need to remain young and youthful.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013