What is mediumship? Mediumship is a form of spiritual interaction.

In hoodoo, this is known as a root doctor or a medium (in the west) establishes contact with spirits guides and lets them interact with the physical world through them. Normally, these are the spirits of the dead. People visit a medium to establish contact with their loved ones who have passed to seek guidance, once again convey their respect and love for them even after they are gone, and sometimes seek pardon for their behavior in the physical world.

Sometimes, they seek their guidance on the works left unfinished by them in their lives. Sometimes the dead may also wish to talk to their loved ones to give them solace and comfort so that they can easily adjust to the life after them, convey some secret information that they could not pass on when they were alive, or give guidance to properly enable the other to complete their works.

Sometimes the medium also calls a personal spirit to assist his or her clients by seeking guidance on some important issues concerning their enemies or how to deal with a difficult situation.

The mediums are found both in the established framework in spiritualistic churches, or they may be an individual psychic reader, conjure doctor, or hoodoo specialist who has generated their own resources of spiritual contacts with the help of personal spirits.

Some common forms of mediumships are as follows:

  • Trance mediumship: the medium is possessed by a spirit that controls the physical and mental actions of the medium and thus communicates with the outside world. When in trance, the medium may talk or act in a fashion that he does not do in a normal fashion. Out of trance, the medium is generally unaware of all that has transpired during the trance.
  • Channeled mediumship: In this mediumship, the medium is not possessed by the spirit and he or she has full control of their mind and body functions. They simply act as a channel of communication in this method.
  • Spirit guides: The spirit guide assists the mediums to contact with other spirits. These spirit guides may an angel, archangel, deity, or some personal or wandering spirit. It is possible that one medium may work with many spirit guides, and each of them has different strengths and specialties and is respected and honored differently. Accordingly, as per the needs of the clients, the medium calls the relevant spirit guide. 

A number of mediums and psychics believe they work best when it is quiet and they have little disturbances. This is often known as trance mediumship. There is little light and at times small lights can appear on the ceiling. These lights are known as walking spirits. we also need to consider control. Control is an area of mediumship. This is when somebody takes over the spirit from the other side.

The spirit allows such control by the mediumship's guidelines. Normally, famous people who are being communicated to through a medium will go into the medium's body. This is known as control. The whole stance of this mediumship lies in native American Indians. They have been often recorded to have spoken through mediums. The Native American Indians are supposed to be spiritually aware, more so than we are in this modern world. Many mediums often create a control circle. This circle consists of a number of mediums who enter a trance at the same time - all the mediums congregate within a certain place spiritually. Many people can get much spiritual contentment from being in a closed circle medium group. 

By Florance Saul
Dec 3, 2012