Meditation- To work with your animal totem

Meditation- To work with your animal totem

While meditating or being deep in thought or while asleep, you drift into your subconscious mind where you may see revelations of images of different animals.

These revelations help you to deal with the various scenarios that you come face to face in life.

The different images of animals which come to mind signify the animal totems which act as guides to your spirits. To work with your personal animal symbols you have to concentrate on them. The behaviors of animals should be studied in order to use their characteristics as your guide.

Dreaming while awake is meditation which can be used by you to identify your animal totem as follows.

  • Prepare a notebook for taking done notes about the experiences you go through while asleep or during meditation.
  • Try to meditate or have your sleep during the same period each day. Settling into a routine serves you to relax and makes it easier for the animal totem to identify itself.
  • Your surroundings should be free of any distractions like a TV set which is powered on, or undone chores which keep reminding you to finish them. If your sleep or meditation does not get disturbed, it will be easier for your subconscious mind to relax.
  • Have the intention of communicating with your animal clear in your mind during meditation or sleep. Repeat your intentions in words or phrases that suit you the best. Poems also can be used to call your animal totem to reveal itself to you. The following words or any poem that you think of, can be used.

“Please reveal yourself to me as I most earnestly call you to come to my help.”

Repeat these or similar words to relax your mind and slowly you will slide into the first stage of meditation or semi-consciousness. As you let your mind drift with the semi-conscious thoughts, you will have a revelation of the animal totem you are trying to communicate with.

  • Put down the experiences you had during your meditation in your notebook as remembering them in detail later is most difficult. Taking notes will make you more familiar with the traits of your animal totem and becomes helpful when you try to understand the messages being sent by them to you.
  • Jot down the exact details as you see them.
  • Was the animal you saw swimming, flying, running, or doing something else?
  • Did the animal look healthy, or was it sick?
  • Did it have a natural color or some other color?
  • Did you see it in the desert, in a rain forest or in the water?
  • When your animal totem has revealed itself to you, take some time or even a day off. Then go through the notes you had taken after your last meditation. Start finding out the characteristics of the animal, which you saw during your meditation. The details of the animal and its surroundings will slowly make you understand yourself, your environment and your life more deeply.
  • The repetition of these processes will help you understand yourself more and more.

These guidelines will help you interpret your animal totem better and make it easy to work with them. As you follow these guidelines more frequently, the revelations of your animal totem will also be more frequent as your confidence increases and as they sense that you respect their presence.

Just like other processes, this also takes some time and patience to acquire, and you SHOULD NOT get discouraged if no animal reveals itself to you during the initial periods. Keep working at it, as your eagerness to contact your animal totem is equal to the eagerness of your animal totem to contact you.

This guideline is not the ultimate word on the subject, and has been given to you as an example of an experience of a single person. Use your own method if there is any other, to achieve your revelation. This process is a two-way communication and you should be thankful to the animal world when your animal totem is revealed to you.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2013