Mayfly / shadfly

Mayfly / shadfly

Mayfly or shadfly is an insect that belong to the order of Ephemeroptera. It falls in the ancient group of insects called palaeoptera.

They have a very short lifespan of just a day and this refers to the brief lifespan of the adults depending on the species.

They mostly feed on algae and diatoms. They are unique insects because they usually moult to one stage before acquiring wings and at this stage they are prone to be eaten by fish. Because of their short life span, they are also called one-day fly in some languages.

This kind of fly develops into three stages within a very short lifespan. At every sage there is development that takes place and they can stay at the particular stage for between one to two hours depending on the species.

There are a number of symbolic lessons that we can derive from the life of this particular insects. These can be helpful in teaching us how to live our lives effectively. They have a very short but complicated life can tend to be very difficult to emulate as human beings. However, those who have mayfly power have admirable characters

Mayfly or shadfly’s wisdom that portrays their characters include: transformation while they are moving, intensity, emphasis on the childhood issues, transparency, living in the moment.

Mayfly transforms while they move. Within their short life, they transform at three stages of their life that lasts only for one day. This teaches us that we should be able to transform into new people to suite the life that we were created to have. We should always try to become better people than who we really are at the moment.

Those who have Mayfly as their totem usually change their lives to be better people in the future. They work on their character, weakness, appearance and association with others so they can live a better live in future.

They usually have power and strength that helps them move on. They regenerates power to enable them continue working hard towards achieving their goals.

They also tend to carry childhood characters into their adult life. They behave in a childish manner making it very hard to realize when they are serious or not. If we fail to do the things we ought to do as children, they catch up with us and we start behaving like children when we are old. This is because we shortened our childhood process by failing to play as other children do. In the same way, the lifespan of Mayfly is very short that they do not have enough time to move from childhood to adulthood.

Transparency is another character we learn from Mayfly. We need to be very transparent in all we do. We should avoid compromising situations, corrupt deals and other forms of vices as possible.

We also learn to live in the moment by doing what is necessary for us on that particular day rather than working extra hard for the future which is very uncertain. We need to live in one day at a time.

You need to evaluate yourself to know how you live. If you need any help from the Mayfly power do not hesitate.

Mayfly or shadfly shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need strength.
  • You need to be patient.
  • You like to be childish.
  • You are anxious.
  • You want transformation in your life.

Call on Mayfly or shadfly as a spirit guide when

  • You need to sense the surrounding.
  • You have anxiety.
  • You are impatient.
  • You need to transform yourself.
  • You feel weak.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013