Marie Laveau Love Spell

Marie Laveau Love Spell

This spell is to ask for the help of Marie Laveau, so she can help you seek the love you wish.

Marie Laveau is still considered the queen of love voodoo, she was beautiful an considered one of the most important figures in African American voodoo.

She learned much of the voodoo from her mother, who focused on money magic.  Buried in St. Louis Cemetery in new Orleans she has been connected to being responsible for the voodoo to flourish. The woman's special forces caused the her to be in great demand. People travelled from afar to gain knowledge on love matters and wealth. In terms of helping you in love matters, Marie Laveau is known to grant wishes.

Best day of performing spell: Friday

Time of day: 6am in the morning (just before sunrise) or any time in the evening after 7pm or at any time in the evening

Moon: Waxing of the moon or a full moon

Numbers: Two

Flowers: Lilac, Red rose, Jasmine, Lavender

Attract a man: Queen Elizabeth Root

Attract a female: Sampson Snake Root

Crystal: Rose Quartz, Sapphire or emerald

Tree: Apple

Gift to Marie: Single pink rose and a glass of spring water

Materials required:

One red Apple

Lilac, Red rose, Jasmine, Lavender

Picture of Marie Laveau

Queen Elizabeth Root or Sampson Snake Root

Olive oil or love drawing oil

Rose Quartz, Sapphire or emerald to be placed on the altar

Make an altar containing an apple, rose quartz and a red or pink rose. Print out a picture of Marie and place this on your altar. Take a bay leaf or paper and write your wish. Mark the wish with three X's in red pen.

Light a white candle to clear the space, take a pink candle and with a small pointed knife inscribe the numbers two with love written over the candle. Take the candle and spread olive oil across the candle or any love drawing oil. Close your eyes and visualising your perfect partner. After a few minutes place your candle back on the altar. Light the flame saying these words:

Say the following

Queen Marie Laveau I ask you for help,

I give myself love in life,

Blessed by the stars,

Please bring love into my life

Happiness and marriage,

And it harm none, so mote it be.

Take the bay leaf or paper you have written on and light it with the pink candle so it burns. Put the ashes to one side. Carry this out for five consecutive days and nights. At the end eat the apple and place the rose petals on the image of Marie. Take all the ashes and candle wax and spell deposits and bury this in the ground in your yard.

By Florance Saul
Nov 5, 2012