Are you having thoughts and suddenly a mantis-shrimp swims into view? If your thoughts are overshadowed by the image of a mantis-shrimp, then it signifies the following.

The mantis-shrimp is found on the floor of the oceans all over the world. They have a foldable pair of front legs. The mantis-shrimp smash other hard shelled crustaceans for food. It lives in the cavities of hard rock. The claws closing in on a prey has the force of a bullet fired from a gun of a small caliber. The claws of a mantis shrimp can be fully extend to grab their prey in the blink of an eye. The mantis shrimp are equipped with eyes having sixteen visual pigments and four color filters. It can distinguish between different kinds of polarized light. It can make out objects even in the ultraviolet and infra-red zones. The extraordinary capabilities of its eyesight help it to accurately strike its prey.

Some of the symbolisms that can be attributed to a mantis-shrimp are:

  • Striking out suddenly.
  • Marking the boundary.
  • Defending the boundary.
  • Maintaining  solid hold.
  • Power of Responsibility.
  • Power of communication.
  • Strong and vulnerable together.
  • Death and resurrection at the same time.
  • Sudden change of status.
  • Mobility in full awareness.
  • Power to see in poor visibility.
  • All–round visibility, Remaining grounded even in water.

The emblem or animal totem of the mantis-shrimp invading our thoughts can mean that you are being instructed to maintain your hold on your belongings or whatever you need. You are being instructed to defend your home and your domain with aggression and never to cross your limits. You have to be responsible for the power you have been born with which the mantis-shrimp totem signifies. The emblem tells you to use the deadly weapons that are inherent to you. The emblem shows you how to control your anger directed at your enemies.

The totem signifies that you have a tendency of lashing out at a moment’s notice. The mantis-shrimp symbol makes you aware of the positive and negative consequences of this act and helps you to understand how to control your emotions which prevent you from lashing out unnecessarily.

How to grab any opportunity that comes your way with speed and accuracy is indicated by the mantis-shrimp emblem in your thoughts. The contradictions between your strengths and your vulnerabilities, and how to balance them, are indicated by this emblem. You can be tough but vulnerable, aggressive but gentle at the same time. You may be loved by some and hated by others. You may be a predator to some and a prey to others together.

You change when you grow, and as you grow you become more vulnerable. The mantis-shrimp symbol teaches you to hold on to your traits as much as possible even while you are changing or growing.

Being grounded means you are always keenly aware of your situation and surroundings. The mantis-shrimp symbol helps you to become fully aware of all the tit-bits of the scenario and your thoughts, while remaining fully aware of the circumstances.

Your perspectives regarding yourself or your surroundings may become too narrow or too open. The emblem tells you that, if you are mobile but remain down-to-earth, you may be able to take advantage of both the worlds where too much ground stands for narrowness and too much water makes you fickle minded.

Mantis-Shrimp shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are unable to adept at observing all the details of a situation.
  • You cannot  separate out the black from the white and see the full picture.
  • Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by all that you see.
  • You can remain attached to the basic facts always.

Call on a Mantis-Shrimp as a spirit guide when

  • You are facing a lot of aggression.
  • You are unable to communicate very well with others.
  • The capabilities within yourself are sometimes frightening  you.
  • You are incapable of striking a balance between your good traits and your bad habits.

By Florance Saul
Jan 30, 2013