Make a Money Altar

Make a Money Altar

Increase personal wealth! When you need to increase personal money and improve financial security a money altar is a necessity.

At times this altar can keep money flowing.

Creating this altar maybe necessary if a delay in funds has been experienced. There are enormous benefits of ways to construct your own altar. Each altar should be individually crafted as it is a chance to enable your imagination fly.

You don't need to devote money to make your ceremony, however the more money that you include on the altar, the more likely to attract more. To begin with you require a flat work surface to place your altar products on. Ideally, this space should be a private area that seldom attracts visitors.

This should be considered a sacred space. Ensure the room is rather empty so that energies do not interfere with the work. Cleanse the room with a sage stick in order to energetically cleanse the area. It is important to look at the altar as a long-term project.

 The first task is to locate the fabric that sits on your working surface. This fabric needs to be chosen by you and indicates wealth, it can be a silk scarf or even a sarong.

If possible fold up this cloth and leave somewhere that will help it attract money, such as a bank for 7 days. This will charge the cloth.

Here are some common items found on money altars

  • St Expedite statue – if you work with him regularly.
  • At least five pieces of Pyrite.
  • Lodestone w/ permanent magnetic sand.
  • Maneki Neko statue (known as the lucky cat)
  • Any kind of "play" cash.
  • Foreign currency – this attracts foreign customers to a business.
  • Alligator feet.
  • Rabbit feet.
  • A Letter “M” for money.
  • Rum – offering for spirits.
  • An oil lamp that is green in colour.
  • Nan Kwoc statue.
  • Saint. Martin Caballero candlestick, holy card or perhaps sculpture.
  • Money stay with me oil.
  • Wealth oil.
  • gold dishes to hold coins.
  • Small metal cash register.
  • A gold bell – purify and clear the air or the energy around you.
  • An incense burner and money drawing incense.
  • Ginger and lavender – can boost the requirement of money.
  • Citrine rocks.
  • Real money. (place this beneath your lodestone)
  • Green candles. (7-day jar candle lights)

To make your money altar make sure that you arrange all the items in symmetrical order. Call on the saints for help. Light your own candles as well as say the 23rd Psalm. Charge your money altar by including money, when your needs have been met light a white candle to provide a thank you to the saints that have helped you. Make sure your lodestone has a consistent flow of magnet sand. The altar will need to be replaced every year on New Years day.

By Florance Saul
Feb 24, 2013