Lynx animal totem

A Lynx is a small cat that is known for being an excellent hunter. The lynx is a great teacher about understanding spiritual mysteries and the knowledge that they, allows us to uncover other hidden wisdoms and how to apply them to our practical lives.

The lynx can tell us also that it may be time to be more watchful; of choosing between knowledge vs. superstition.  It provides a connection between the superstitious and the modernist which cannot cross their differences.

The ability of the lynx to stand alone gives them the skill of being secretive and of keeping secrets.  This is not the more deceptive or malicious type of secrecy, but is the ability to maintain one’s individuality. Those who have their “inner” lynx will often discover that they can function most effectively in the aspect of connecting with other people, when they choose to be more independent or disconnected.

Do you feel that you are the type of person who chooses to be left alone and seem to take yourself too seriously?  This characteristic is typical of lynx people.  The lighter side of this is that you will also tend to have a playful nature in you.  You will have this characteristic who wishes to live with in your childhood over and over again.  Being solitary is not a reason to be so serious in life; the lynx will teach you that you can also have some fun.

The spiritual aspect of the lynx will teach you about manipulation of time and space in otherworld. This is a very useful tool to a shaman and they usually learn this from the lynx.  Through this manipulation, we are able to visit past times and bend or lengthen time in order to fully utilize our energies.

The art of seduction and eye contact is also the gift of the lynx.  Learning how to use your eyes in order to affect others can be an advantage.  You may also need to understand that your eyes represent your spiritual aspect.  How do your eyes see?  Do you record every color, see things that the normal eye cannot see or do you think that these talents are more frightening than attractive?

The lynx is considered the Seer of the Unseen.  This means it has the power to see beyond the realm of reality. By inviting the lynx spirit into your life you will learn how to see things such as auras, ghosts, spirits, energies, magical residues, leylines, and pierce memory blockages that usually occurs to most people.  When you sense the lynx in your life, it may be that you have to turn to oracles, tarots, and runes in order to have a clearer view of what is happening to our lives.

If you have Lynx/Bobcat as your Totem:

Having the lynx as a totem can mean that you possess certain characteristics of the lynx itself.  In my opinion, everyone has only one totem.  They represent our inner beings and they also guide us in our day to day lives.

As shadow guide/totem:

Shadow totems are those whom people tend to fear generally but they are also the ones that can teach us how to confront difficult and puzzling situations.  The things that we often tend to dislike in shadow totems are also the ones that we hate in ourselves.

People are averse to the lynx since they have a tendency to be secretive or because they fear their secrets will be uncovered. Those who possess a low self-esteem will often tend to avoid the lynx as they may be weak in arguing about it.  They often do not like the idea of being lectured or getting beaten in a debate which is why they tend to shut up when being confronted.

Contacting Lynx/Bobcat:

The lynx cannot be forced to visit or communicate with you at your will or command.  They will often come though, when you approach them through rituals in peaceful places and through meditative practice that require a change in breathing and to bring more focus to yourself.  Drumming is not one of the most effective ways to communicate with this totem but through the tune of the flute or a rattle.

The lynx is an animal that likes solitude and will only appear to you when they feel like it.  You cannot command their appearance and it is one important lesson to learn from the lynx.

Lynx shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are challenged emotionally or spiritually.
  • It is time to take the next step in your spiritual development.
  • You are need of spiritual guidance.
  • You need to utilize cunning to outwit an enemy.
  • You are seeking a teacher (but often do not realize it).
  • You are learning a major life lesson.

Call on a Lynx as a spirit guide when

  • You need strength from a higher power or the divine.
  • Seek wisdom.
  • You are focused on achieving a goal and need more drive or motivation to keep up your current pace.
  • Need to learn to be more independent.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013