Lungfish is a fresh water fish that belongs to the subclass of Dipnoi.

They are usually known to have characteristics primitive within the Osteichthynes.

These characteristics include the ability to breathe air, presence of lobed fins and a well developed internal skeleton.

They inhabit majorly in South America, Africa, and Australia. However, fossil records shows that advanced Lungfish had a widespread distribution. They all have two lungs except the Australian Lungfish which has one only.

Lungfish wisdom usually includes: Ability to constantly sense and touch the surroundings, water and land, connects air, ability to harden your skin to weather hard times, connections to amphibians, connections to the past or the living fossils, connection to dreams or hibernation, understanding the value of dormancy, ancestrally related to the other four-footed land animals.

They teach us ability to sense what is happening around us and to create change where necessary. In the society, it is always important to know your people, their ways, motives and what they are up to. If there is something wrong happening around you, then you need to realize and bring the change that is needed.

Lungfish can survive in both water surface and in the land. They have two lungs and can breathe air. This teaches us that we should be able to survive everywhere whether the place is good or bad. We should get adapted to different situations in life. Sometimes life can be good but at times it can become unbearable. In all these situations we should be ready to survive just as lungfish survives on land when there is no water.

They harden their skin to bad weather. We learn that we should adjust to the condition that befalls us. Some situations cannot be changed by ourselves but we are able to change ourselves to fit in the situation. When challenges come, we should device ways of changing ourselves so that we are able to overcome the challenges.

Lungfish is able to connect to amphibians. We should be able to socialize with those around us and learn from them just as the lungfish. When should always work together with others to make the world a better place to live in.

They also symbolize connections to ones dreams. When we have the power of lungfish, we should have a dream we want to achieve and work hard towards achieving it. Your dream should influence your actions because you need to put more effort to achieve your dreams.

They also have ancestral relations to other animals which show where they originated from. History has it that human beings also evolved from other animals before they became full beings. We should know our background and where we truly originated from. Our origin can be used to speculate our future. For instance, if we believe in evolution, we therefore learn how we used to be and how we will be in future.

Do you want the lungfish power? Examine yourself and find out what you really want to become. You are what you think. You can fake it until you make it.

Lungfish shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need strength.
  • You need to understand your connection with your ancestors.
  • You want to rectify your past.
  • You need to relate to others well.
  • You have bad dreams.

Call on Lungfish as a spirit guide when

  • You need to sense the surrounding.
  • You need to be strong in time of difficulty.
  • You need to understand your background.
  • You need to understand your dreams.
  • You need to understand the value of dormancy.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013