Love By Hearts

Love By Hearts

The purpose of this spell is to hold on to love. This spell is a good choice if you are currently having problems in a relationship or would like to make your relationship better.

There have been good reviews of this spell when you will be traveling or having to keep a relationship going over long distance as well.

When you are trying to find love, often there is someone around that is interested but you simply need a spark of love energy to be ignited so that you can get past the lull in your love life. For this spell all you need is desire and a person you are thinking of. If you do not have someone in mind you may want to do a more general spell.

Perform this on a Friday for 7 consecutive days:

What you need:

  • Red paper
  • Scissors

Cut 3 hearts out of your paper. Arrange the hearts in a triangle where the tops of the hearts are touching.

Chant x 7

One heart for the sky. One heart for the sea. One heart to keep my lover close to me.

You can then place the three hearts under your pillow and keep them close to you. Use this spell whenever you feel your love slipping from you or if you are going through an exceptionally rough time.

You can replace the word LOVE in the chant with a person’s name.

By Flo Saul
Nov 13, 2012