Lobster Animal Totem

Lobster Animal Totem

Does the lobster totem or emblem swim into your thoughts often? Then the lobster totem in your thoughts can be interpreted as follows.

The lobster is an animal emblem which is considered to have the power of protection and discovery. The sign which a lobster stands for is transformation and rejuvenation. It also stands for emotional growth. The lobster signifies the rejuvenation of obscure thoughts hidden inside you for a long time.

Water is the overpowering element where a lobster is chosen for an animal totem. The lobster totem signifies your deep emotions or feelings which has the fluidity to heal and clean. This is because the lobster makes the deepest of the waters its home. By keeping the lobster emblem in your sights you are trying to delve into your deepest emotions where the pressure is at a maximum and the pressure is hard to endure.

Some key symbolic features of the lobster are:

  • Strong character.
  • Power to regenerate.
  • Resolute stand.
  • Restraint of self.
  • Urge to discover.
  • Noble ideals.
  • Power to transform.
  • Abundant reserves.
  • Sensuous moves.
  • Strong grip.

The lobster spirit guide represents one of the lunar signs which have a connection with cyclic occurrences, power of regeneration and the protective nature. It is related to the realm of the unknown and the subconscious mind.

The hard upper shell of the lobster signifies the protective nature of the lobster symbol. A symbol of the lobster in your thought processes means you are thinking of the protection you require when you are about to get involved in some difficult work.

The lobsters replace their old shells and grow new ones with the required number of layers. This signifies the power of recycling and growth. The old shell becomes a reminder of the past characteristics which have become redundant. It has the same significance for you as if by replacing your shells you are getting rid of your past. The lobster symbol in your thoughts indicates that you need to change your beliefs and convictions in exchange of new ones.

A lobster is able to regenerate or recreate its legs and claws like many other animals. When threatened and cornered, the lobster can remove its claws and legs to use them as decoys while it escapes from its predators. This signifies that you can let go of old ideas and convictions in case of difficulties. This lobster symbol stands for casting off limitations when survival is of utmost importance and the lessening the emotional load of your convictions.

The lobster is equipped with huge claws which act as pincers to hold onto prey. Just as the lobster is capable of casting off unwanted limitations, conversely it signifies to you how you can hold onto your beliefs and convictions which you have acquired for betterment. The pincer-like claws help you to draw out your disabilities from inside yourself and let them float away.

The lobster is a symbol of your inner emotional self. Emotions can play havoc and can create immense pressures on your mind that can crush you emotionally. But the outer hard shell of the lobster symbol helps you to defend yourself against this crushing pressure and relieve you of a lot of pain. The lobster symbol can be called upon to calm down your stormy emotions and thus enable you to get a greater balance over your lives.

Lobsters are called the scavengers of the deep. They pry out juicy morsels from the sea beds and items that they use as dens. The lobster symbol or totem tells you to look for similar morsels in your life and inner self which can give you satisfaction and joy.

Lobster shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need uncommon solutions in your surroundings.
  • You need options which you have never used before.
  • You find it difficult to achieve a fine balance between defendable and vulnerable options.
  • You need to learn to handle your emotions properly.
  • You need to learn to maintain your defenses at all times.

Call on a Lobster as a spirit guide when

  • You want to scavenge for juicy morsels hidden inside you.
  • You want to find out the most suitable means by using your sensors.
  • You want to forget wounded limbs of past encounters and move to new situations.
  • You want to replace old defenses with new ones which are healthy and in good working condition.
  • You need to get in touch with your emotional self.
  • You need to be stronger for a period of time.

By Florance Saul
Jan 27, 2013