Myths say that lizards are related to the world we reach out at night, the world of dreams.

An aspect of what we dream is what we want to be in our future and what we love to have in time yet to come.

Our subconscious mind realizes what we want; it creates our desires into a dream world that he have not even known before. The importance of a dream and why should we consider it, are clarified by the lizard. It helps us to comprehend the dream before taking an action.

Our real passions and frights which are involuntarily connected with our life are embedded in dreams. Thus, dreams are worth recording, the special symbols and places you see every night might bear important secrets for you. Call in the lizard for assistance.

If you are an intuitional man who understands situations before conscious reasoning, then you are a man suitable to adopt lizard sign. Such people are capable of successfully untying the bounds for the progress of their life journey.

Getting separated from events, people and memories; leaving the dead past to die. Suppose you are facing new challenges, you need to gain the triumph that you had never experienced. You might want to leave some of your past mistakes, views , rituals and practices.

The lizard would guide you. If the life is a journal, the page you are staring at now is what matters. Be confident in facing the reality of present and forgetting the misery of past.

  • Let us study lizard`s behavior in order to learn, the defense action of a lizard. During predations, the lizard breaks off its tail, leaves it behind and the still shivering tail becomes the victim allowing the lizard to a safe flight .But the new tail replacing the shed one is not detachable, reason being the first tail is bony (made of bone tissue ) and the second one cartilaginous. You might encounter similar stages during your life; you have to alter your lifestyle, you have to leave some worthless past history, yet you have to be wise and precautions. Decide as if you are eating an iron bar, not so easy to gulp and even harder to vomit back.
  • Lizards are super sensitive. They observe the simplest change within their vision scope; they hear the lowest frequency vibration in the surrounding. The sensual stimuli, correctly interpreted by mind, they are extremely aware. This awareness is significant for us, too.
  • Let us revise the above two qualities, the ability of a power turning point and the ultra awareness. These two in combination can help us in understanding our flaws and misdirected actions so far, in realizing the new locus of life which would be most suitable for our life , and the keen intelligence of shifting to the new locus.

Lizard shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to detach yourself from your ego.
  • You need to face your fears.
  • You need to let go of the past.
  • You need to be elusive.
  • You need to be a conservative.

Call on Lizard as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have meaningful dreams.
  • You need to understand the importance of respect.
  • You need to remember your dream.
  • You need to regenerate that which is lost.
  • You need to control your dreams and imagine your future.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013