Lionfish is also known as Pterois. It is a genus marine fish that is mostly found in Indo-Pacific according to description by the Wikipedia free encyclopaedia.

It is characterized by black, red and white bands and it has pectoral fins and fin rays. They are aquarium fish that are readily utilized in culinary world.

They can live for up to five to fifteen years and they have very complex mating behaviors.

They usually prey on small fish as their main food. They also feed on invertebrates and Molluscs in large amounts.

They are skilled hunters that use their bilateral body to swim in the waters fast enough to attack their prey.

Cornet fish, large Lionfish, Sharks are the main predators of lionfish although the predators of these large Lionfish have not been identified.

Lionfish has several symbolic characteristics that are very useful in teaching us good lessons that are helpful in our lives. Lionfish power helps us to face danger. We gain courage when we have this power. We are able to stand strong when faced with danger and tackle our enemies courageously to win the battle.

We are able to stand by our word and not be swayed away by anything or anyone around us. We are able to make the right decisions in life that can change our lives to the better.

Lionfish also symbolizes hidden peril. They have fins that are hidden in beauty but are very dangerous and are used to attack the enemies and their prey. This shows that those who have Lionfish as their totem animal tend to have something in their lives that is hidden but very dangerous for counter attack and for their benefit.

They also symbolize the use of beauty for our own defense. The fins are very beautiful from the appearance but they are not only used to show beauty but also to for defending themselves. Whatever outward good appearance we have, we can also use to defend ourselves.

They also have some perils associated with their beauty. These are some of the challenges we go through because of our good physical appearance. Women for instance may attract bad men because of their beauty who end up hurting or even harming them.

A very swift speed required for time of emergency. Their speed is so fast and they use this as a way of getting their prey. Sometimes we should be very swift in our actions to achieve what we want in life.

However we also need to control our movement and speed to conform to the situation we find ourselves in. Some situations need fast action like in time of urgency while some need a relaxed moment to act effectively.

It teaches us to learn the aerobatics of life. There are ups and downs of life that we need to learn how to deal with. Life cannot be smooth at all times. What really matters are how we handle the challenges we face in life.

Do you need the Lionfish power in your? Examine yourself and try to know more about Lionfish.

Lionfish shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You are facing danger.
  • You have hidden dangerous character.
  • You are unable to work fast.
  • You have hidden agenda.
  • You have challenges because of your physical characters.

Call on Lionfish as a spirit guide when

  • You are unable to stand your ground.
  • You are unable to get the warning.
  • You need to control you movement.
  • You are very slow in your actions.
  • You need to use your beauty to defend yourself.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013