Lesser Banishing

Lesser Banishing

The lesser banishing ritual enables one to clean the environment of evil entities, I don't really do this that much but I wanted to share with you the right way. So here goes!

It also serves as creating a scared space in order to perform a ritual. Certainly, creating this environment is one of the several psychic talents attributed to the magician. The banishing ritual outlined below was provided to Neophytes of the Golden Dawn to prepare them with dealing in the astral world.

The less banishing act provides the right environment in order for the ritual to be open. This ritual is normally performed at the beginning and the end of a ritual. This eliminating ritual was handed to Neophytes in the Gold Dawn to cope with the religious realm. 

The equipment you require is:

  • A steel dagger or you can use your index finger.
  • Incense or stage to clear the room.
  • Salt.


  • Burn stage to clean your house of evil spirits.
  • Breath deeply and face east.
  • Take a steel dagger in your right hand or alternatively use your index finger.
  • Touch your forehead then vibrate: ATEH (meaning Thou art) 
  • Touch your chest or breast  then vibrate:  MALKUTH (meaning the kingdom) 
  • Touch your right shoulder, and vibrate: Ve-GEBURAH (meaning the power) 
  • Touch your left shoulder, and vibrate: Ve-GEDULAH ( the glory) 
  • Clasp your left hand over your right hand then vibrate: Le-OLAM (forever) 
  • Turn the dagger upwards, and say: AMEN 
  • Concurrently with your finger or dagger  trace the pentagram in the air before you then `vibrate' the God "IHVH." 
  • Rotate clockwise then trace the pentagram again, and vibrate ADNI. 
  • Rotate clockwise. Turn to the West. Trace the pentagram and vibrate AHIH. 
  • Rotate clockwise. Turn to the North. Trace the pentagram and vibrate AGLA. 
  • Rotate clockwise, and come back around to the East, closing the circle, think about the circle around you.
Follow the instructions above, once more. Relax and close your eyes, and recite the archangelic powers stationed about the Circle:
  • Before me I see Archangel Raphael (visualise him greeting you)
  • Behind me I see Archangel Gabriel (visualise him greeting you)
  • To my right I see Archangel Michael (visualise him greeting you)
  • To my left I see Archangel Auriel. (visualise him greeting you)
  • Before me flames the Pentagram 
  • Behind me is the Six-Rayed Star.

Cast the circle of protection by imagining a circle built by the angels protecting you at your feet.

Then your finished.

By Flo Saul
Mar 27, 2012