With a strong foundation at the base, the dot formation of Laetitia is single, double, double, double.

Almost always this is a highly favorable figure. Its name in Latin means “joy” and the symbolism is linked to rainbows and fortune. The shape is reminiscence of a waterfall, with a narrow top that cascades down. It is also said to represent a fountain.

Geomancy Symbols

All of these symbols are widely accepted as good fortune indicators, so when Laetitia appears in a reading it should be welcomed.

This figure is all about luck and is influenced greatly by the planetary of Jupiter. Because most of the elemental energies in the symbolism are passive, with only fire as the active representation this shows the potential for powerful manifestation.

Consider it a blessing that indicates the universe, Spirit and fortune are all on your side. Fire lights the way, blazing a path for possibilities and the other elements happily comply, going with the flow.

Now, because fire is the moving piece elementally of Laetitia, it can indicate swift changes or the need to take action. What happens if you place your hand over a fire? You get burned of course! Now is not a time to be stagnant, but rather to relish in the positive energy that is abundant and make the most of what life has to offer.

Ancient practices held high esteem for lovely Laetitia, and you should too. Geomancers, often using the symbol for aspirations in meditation, claim that the symbol can invoke times of good fortune.

Some modern geomancers relate the presence of this figure as a representation of the power of manifestation, which is propelled from fire internally and then being controlled by elemental water through emotions externally.

It literally represents the act of getting excited, feeling empowered and allowing the primal celebration of the soul loose.

While this card is powerfully positive, it is always smart to look at a situation from all angles. Laetitia does have a downside and that is mainly because fire is at the helm of this card, often has momentum inherently but it isn’t an element known for it’s long game.

It’s easy to get caught up in the joy of life, focusing on partying or feeling good. Eventually all things fade, even the happiest of times. For this reason, Laetitia can be a nagging reminder for some that they should “check themselves before they wreck themselves”.

When you see this card, it is likely that an actual celebration is in the future. There is nothing wrong with letting loose now and then with a jolly good romp. It is linked with weddings, engagements, promotions, graduations and homecomings.

It is a sign to focus on the future and take stock in either good luck or choices that have brout a bounty of opportunity. You don’t need to think about consequences at this time, but in certain readings Laetitia can come with the reminder to enjoy the moment while it lasts, before it passes you by.

By Florance Saul
Feb 19, 2017