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Small insects, varying from 1-10 mm, these insects are commonly orange, yellow or red with small black spots on their wings. 

Some species have a larger spot that they merge, creating an illusion that the light colors are the spot.


Some ladybug species are entirely, black, grey, or brown and may be hard to recognize. They are known to be useful; they feed on pests that destroy agricultural supplies. Yes it is surprising to know that ladybug is a carnivore.  But there are some that feeds on vegetations, but we are not focusing on their negative aspects.  We will look at how beautiful this fragile creature is.

A very familiar legend states that its number of spots indicates its age but the truth is their different spots determine the species of the beetle.  The same principle can also be applied with their color; darker color seems to be present on a mature beetle.


Generally humans hate any kinds of beetles, but the case is different with the ladybug. Unlike other beetles, we enjoy the pleasure of having this insect fly around us. Their lovely colours are a joy to the sight. This animal symbolizes trust and a carefree life. Beetle will creep to your shirt freely knowing they can be killed in a matter of instant.

Presence of ladybug is evident in myths and legends.  Ancient folklores said that beetles can bring you luck.   You need to let it roam freely and allow it to fly on its own if you’re planning to keep the good luck.  A ladybug presence is a sign of sunshine. It is rare to see ladybugs that possess fewer than seven spots; they say that ladybug that has 6 or less indicates an abundant harvest. If you see a ladybug running into your hand, it means your wedding day is soon to come. An old nursery rhyme is said to be the source of this belief.

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'Ladybug, ladybug,(Ladybird, Ladybird)  fly away home.

Your house is on fire and your children are gone.


All (except) but one, and her name is Ann, (Nan, Little Anne, Anne).

And she (hid) crept under the pudding (baking) pan.'


An old Chinese story links this creature with love. The story states that if a ladybird will come and visit you, it means that true love will also come.  There are other variation of this story which tells about the number of the ladybug’s spot also indicates the months until your true love arrives.

When this insect is calling you, it is sending us a message associated with love.  Not just any kind of love but deep love, passion, and sometimes even sex.


Does it mean that ladybird is a symbolism of a true love to come?

That maybe the case (for some) but I want to think that ladybug is reminding us to keep an open heart, appreciate everything in life.  Notice even the smallest thing that comes your way.  Sometime we forget to appreciate those small things, the sunshine in the morning, the air we breathe, a warm smile from a friend, or even the simple chirp of a bird.


Ladybug shows up as a spirit guide when...


  • You need to socialise.
  • You need to understand others.
  • You need to control your emotions.
  • You need friendship.
  • You need to be patient.


Call on ladybug as a spirit guide when...


  • You need to be friendly.
  • You have anxiety.
  • You need to have control of your emotions.
  • You need to examine your social life.
  • You need love.

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