La Madama

La Madama

A much discussed topic nowadays when it comes to Hoodoo or Root work is La Madama.

Many people do not know who she really is, and there appears much mis-information. So who is La Madama? One of the mistakes made by many is that La Madama is just one women spirit. Actually, a Madama is one of many spirits. These are famous conjure women, who either practiced hoodoo or were slaves and died. Usually they are women who when were alive once practiced Santeria or Palo Monte. They are normally presented as wearing aprons or gingham skirts, and also to wrap their hair in cloth, all of these materials being the same color. Around the world there are many La Madama spirits.

Hoodoo or Root works started using La Madama a few decades ago. La Madama and other spirits are new to Hoodoo, because before the practice involved praying through psalms and root work. The Blended Spirit’s (or the Espiritismo Cruzado as called in the Latino countries) originates from the Caribbean countries and spread to across the world. The practitioners of Blended Spirit’s work with herbs, a number of spirits, washes, and they can also communicate with the the dead. They channel messages from them to others. There are many types of spirits to whom the Espiritismo Cruzado practitioners pray: La Madama’s spirits, Indians, Arabs, Gypsies, etc.

Another misunderstanding regarding La Madama is that the spirit surrounds you, and you don’t have to search for them. Sometimes you will be required to attend a Spiritual Court to ask for help. Here is the court there will be spirits which protect you, teach you and of course, inspire you. No two persons have the same Spiritual Courts.

If you practice Hoodoo and you want to work with your La Madama, first you will have to find out if you have such a spirit in your Court. To find out whether you have a La Madama spirit or not, you must investigate the spiritualist masses, usually helped by other mediums. If you do have a La Madama spirit, you then have to research a potential spirit and ask for help and direction.

Another misunderstanding when it comes to the La Madama spirit is that many people treat her like a saint. A Madama spirit knows that we worship God, and she is a spirit guide. Thus, it is not required to worship her. Just as you don’t worship teachers in school, you also shouldn’t worship the La Madama spirit, even though she brings you guidance and keeps you out of harm’s way. Offerings aren’t necessary, but if they are given, they should be symbolic, and with gratitude. They may include flowers, a cigar or even a cup of coffee.

It is very important to understand that if you fail to have a La Madama spirit in your own Spiritual Court, then that is fine. There are many others that are still willing to help and protect you.

By Florance Saul
Dec 24, 2012