Kudu / Nyala / Eland Symbolism

Kudu / Nyala / Eland Symbolism

Kudus are two species of antelope. One is called Lesser Kudu and another one tragelaphusstrepsiceros according to an explanation by the Wikipedia.

They have strong spiral horn. They are found all over southern and eastern Africa. Nyala, also known as Inyala, is an antelope with a spiral horn and it inhabits southern Africa. Eland is a plain and savannah antelope found in East Southern Africa. They have one thing in common. They are all antelope species.

Kudu, Nyala and Eland are all in the category of antelopes. They all fall under one family and they have similar characters although their body structures may differ. Those who take these groups of antelopes as their animal totem are wise. This is because it is a totem if wisdom. The structure of their horns, which are very serrated, looks like demotic spirit. This portrays wisdom of the spirits in the air. They also have their children losing one dot in their appearance but this is considered as the gain of knowledge.

They are also good at spiritual guidance whenever we are depressed spiritually. They provide strength because they are powerful animals. They show a lot of energy and power to those who get their power

They are also considered as totems of respect. They are respected because of two reasons. One is because of their speed. They are fast runners and this is helpful to them in the time of hunting for getting their prey. Secondly, they gain fame for the way they breed. Their females can conceive several times but they miscarry and end up with two children only.

This also teaches us that we should be persistent and we should never give up. In every situation, we need to persevere. This would enable us to achieve our goals and get what we want in life.

They are also considered as totems of war. They can run for a short distance then they swing around their horns around. This is a way of preparing for war. They also teach their children in the same way how to swing around their horns to scare away predators or anyone who can cause war. When we have the spirit of these antelopes, we tend to be very ready for war at all times.

We should use the strong physical qualities we have in the battles in order to succeed. We should not get weary easily.

When we have these animals’ power, we become very brave. We are able to face any war we may come across. We do not get terrified by anything or anyone.

They are also the cunning totem. Their way of dotting their children is a cunning way of identification and formation of appearance. When we have their power, we can be very sly in every way.

Those who have these animals’ power also tend to avoid socializing a lot with others. This is because they always like to be alone and to have time for themselves. They find wisdom in meditation so they can gain power and strength.

Kudu, Nyala and Eland shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need wisdom.
  • You need spiritual guidance.
  • You need strength.
  • You need fame.
  • You feel afraid of your enemies.

Call on Kudu, Nyala and Eland as a spirit guide when

  • You feel fearful.
  • You need guidance.
  • You are discouraged.
  • You feel tired.
  • You need success.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013