The Kestrel is a bird. The species belong to the falcon family.

As an animal totem the krestel is associated with trying to understand life.If you are struggling with trying to think about what your life goal is this is a great animal totem to call upon. It is also called the European kestrel, old world kestrel or the Eurasian kestrel. These birds are found in Asia, Africa and in Europe. Some are also found in North America.

They are small in size unlike other falcon family members. They are the smallest of the bird species. They value the movement and accuracy because they are birds of prey. They are hunters and they are fast in speed. They are also elegant to look at. They usually perch at a high level above their prey. This is a vantage position that enables them to swoop down at the right time and catch their prey. Hence, from a metaphor the kestrel animal totem is great to understand when you need things from a higher perspective. Perhaps you are thinking about taking a job or would like to thin about possible new directions in life. This bird is the right animal totem to call upon.

They never hover around like most birds do. Symbolically, this means that we should appreciate the skills of the flight. People who choose the kestrel as their totem animal should be willing and ready to sit in a place where they can have clear view of the world.

This is where they are able to have clear view of what is around them. When they want to make a decision concerning their goals, they tend to look for a perfect view of the final thing to be sure of. They need to try to get what they want. Such people may be reluctant in taking risks. This animal totem provides a clear picture of what one may wish to venture into next.

They also desire to be alone. They are the thinkers who embrace their own companionship. They like doing things alone and they are not that social. They only socialize in few occasions when they are in need.

They are rather independent. They may not necessarily need anyone’s help because they believe they can do it all alone. However, they like having healthy relationships with other people. They value relationships in life.

They are good planners. They can plan work effectively. They have mastered the art of planning so well so that they don’t miss what they want to accomplish because they aim to achieve it on time. They are also time conscious. They know that time is an important aspect in their life and that is the reason why they have to plan well.

They are the greatest diplomats we have around. They represent their own and believe in facts. This is where planning matters so as to get the facts.

They are also strategists. They can strategize their actions in order to achieve their goals. The final result matters to them. Therefore, they have to devise ways of getting to the right place in life. Such people always get what they want no matter what happens in life. They strategize to get what they want in any possible way.

They show us how one can discover their personal rhythm and work hard accordingly. They are able to control their energy to achieve greater visions. They know when to act and when to relax and do nothing to gain anything greater.

They portray great concentration, patience and clear action. They are able to spot opportunities and act appropriately to achieve their dreams.

Would you want a kestrel into your life so you can get mental empowerment, fast action, and sure way of getting your future? You need to pay attention to movement, you need to be responsible for whatever you do and your life should flow effectively.

Kestrel shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You feel elegant.
  • You need to have clear view of what is happening around you.
  • You have clear understanding of yourself.
  • You need to plan well.
  • You are time conscious.

Call on kestrel as a spirit guide when

  • You  are unable to organize yourself.
  • You cannot plan your time well.
  • You are impatient.
  • You cannot concentrate.
  • You are unable to control your energy.

By Flo Saul
Mar 26, 2013