A Komodo is normally shown as an animal totem when a break is needed along with careful consideration of our approach to others.

This totem also suggests sound, practical judgement.

A mature Komodo dragon weighs as around 70 kg, but those in captivity frequently weigh more. The Komodo dragon possesses a tail that is as long as its body. Its saliva contain's a number of bacteria that can be hazardous to other creatures - hence what is in the mouth may harm others.

This is caused by the regular laceration on a tissue on his teeth area during feedings. The Komodo is a symbol of the East Nusa Tenggara region. As a spirit guide it suggests that we need to look at life in a positive way but watch what we say!

A Komodo dragon is a reminder to trust on our instinct. Always trust on what we believe is right. Have faith on the core values that our parents and experience. Trust that these things will guide one toward the right and positive aspects of life.

If you have hit a dead end, this totem advises - turn back and find another direction. Continue to take the path that you want and not follow the lead of others. There are times when we will walk alone on a path, don’t worry as long as you stay true to yourself, we will find the time to have a companion to walk side by side and willing to take the same path and risk with us. Just have faith and be patient.

This animal spirit is also giving the advice of making a quick decision, there are times that we need to grab something fast, because when it slippes out of our hands this might be gone forever. Opportunities only come to us once in a while, don't think twice - just grab them - someone out there is ready to do anything to just to be in your position. Be thankful that grace and fortune is coming your way.

It is a harbinger of new things and journeys, and the things that will change your life forever. Do not be afraid on taking chance and risk, this will bring you new things and wisdom, though there are times that you might fail, the most important lesson is you learn from failures!

Long term with meditation this animal will teach you to be a better person. There is really no reason to be scared to fail, be scared when you lose the will to fight.

The Komodo dragon is also a warning that we should be careful of our words and approach to others (as previously mentioned). Words can be poisons - that can severe relationship so one must be extra careful in dialogue. The wound that a word brings will take longer to heal than the physical wound. Think before you speak, you might not notice - but words do affect people and how they view us.

Komodo dragon shows as an animal spirit when

  • We need to listen to our intuition.
  • We want to experience new journeys.
  • We are hurting someone with words.
  • When an opportunity presented itself to us.
  • When we need to decide fast.

Call on Komodo dragon as an animal spirit when

  • We need to trust our gut feeling.
  • We want to enter a new phase of our life but we are just too scared
  • When one needs to think about words, and be careful not to hurt someone.
  • When we need to grab a chance that can greatly affect our life for the better.
  • You are letting go of things that may change your life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013