Koala Bears

Koala Bears

When I worked at a veterinarian’s office as a medical technician in year 1980s, I met a dear friend called Adam who was a zookeeper. The most important moment for me was when he introduced me to a Koala Bear. This was an amazing moment for me. Like the majority of those people who get a Koala Bears, I became absolutely delighted. This is why I wish to write this spiritual meaning. Apart from being unquestionably attractive (pretty, cuddly, quiet - the prize of sweetness) The superiority that attracted me most was the bear's relaxed temperament. I can to this day remember hugging the koala. I took him in my arms and he was very cool and comfortable! He looked totally pleased to be hanging out with human being.

I am surprised if this peaceful animal could stop the violence of the living areas. Were these koalas totally-chilled due to their imprisonment? Adam answered no. Mainly most koalas are sweet and relaxed, yet in the abnormal situation. Koalas have under controlled temperament, and hardly ever they get furious. That time I memorized their fixed food habit which includes eucalyptus leaves and gum leaves. I asked Adam about the strength of the koala's diet. Adam replied about their metabolism which is quite time-consuming considering others. This steady metabolism linked with slow-acting glands called adrenal which causes smooth manners in the majority koalas, even in wild condition. This is their character to be reflexive, and this manners is not essentially happened by their eating habit. Certainly, I learned well about koala that time, and latest thoughts of the koalas encouraged me to describe about the significance of the koala bears.

Like the ground animals totem, they were primarily linked with the Earth. Koalas were initially burrowers in the major parts. We can observe this in koala’s marsupial pocket design. The majority of the marsupial pockets remain open uphill, except opening of koala pocket is focused towards the rear accommodation. This type of design defends the little Joey from dusty channels by premature koala moms. More over koalas became familiar to the arboreal lives.

The significance of koala bears tells about the relationship, security and remembrance due to their unique attraction to the ground living life. Like the burrowers, the koalas share an extraordinary relationship with the ground. Native understanding distinguishes this connection. Some Australian mythology says that koala was the first earthy living being of ancient clay. They gradually moved from clay bound period to take holy understanding to human being. In addition Koalas were said to train people how to go up the trees to increase a broader vision of the magnificent planet where they live. It is also a symbol of remembrance. A number of Aboriginal mythologies notify koalas as sharp memorizing being of the ancient period. It is also told that the creative persons of the world were bowed into koalas like a self-defensive measurement takers when waters of the earth’s dried out. In the ancient time koala-people used to climb on the peak of trees to swallow the first rain and in addition they used to eat the moisturized leaves of eucalyptus trees. One more feature of fairy tale declares that the koalas will return the true form of the ancient life. They can have a look out from the top of the trees for their folks to come back to the land and regenerate the world. I would like to consider their re-population as a re-education of the blessed ways of the world and to live with our World in agreement. Anyway, this Aboriginal explanation is also a symbol of defense, defending the memoirs and rehearsal of our associates, shielding and respecting our surroundings and also self-preservation.

Actually marsupials are the symbol of relationship, particularly in term of motherly encouragement, due to their capability to keep their progeny secure, inside their pockets. Mammals, those who live in the land, burrowing creatures and marsupials remind us about the significance of being linked with the Earth and attaining grounded with their influence. In many directions our world is in both womb and grave condition. We came from the Earth and should return there. Koalas make us concerned about this close relationship with the ground and inform us about our supportive relationship with our surroundings. Koalas will assist us to find more in synchronization with the pace of natural world and also will make us thinking about our involvement with the world. Over the duration of revision and requirement, koalas advanced into limited arboreal style of life. Nowadays, they live in the trees most of the time. It is also a symbol of bonding. Plants are the vital illustration of inter relationship. Trees reveal grounded representation and the environment of development. They connect power in between the terra mater and unearthly realms. Why it happened? They are related with heaven and earth. I wrote about the symbol of tress if you have interest on them.

Koalas are also tree-living animal so they also offer a similar understanding of "attachment." The strong attachment of koalas with the plants is a memento of the unexplained world of arboreal understanding, which shows the indication of attachment and also a symbol of remembrance. Trees are also considered as good memory keeper. Celtic people accepted this and promised to keep faith on the trees with mysterious history. Mythology of Aboriginal point of view matches with the similar kind of past memoirs which also held inside forested vessel.

Significance of Koala Bears in terms of animal totem is given below

People who reverberate with koalas and share the totemic connection with this attractive being will share a lot of familiar attributes of them. People like Koala are obviously friendly, cordial, and very free minded. Human being with this totem is also defender and caring. These people take care of their family, showing dedicated attention in their culture and ready to assist others in requirements. They perform this with causality and with self-confidence. They have patience and do not get angered. Where most of the people attempt to push their responsibilities to the subordinates of the society, koala minded people always come ahead to solve any problem and take any responsibility with confidence.

People who are motivated with koala totem are cool, completely demean ours. Additionally, I had the enjoyment of having a number of friends who are in close relations with the koalas and passing time with them made an outcome for me. If you are related with the totem like koalas, you would likely place folks at easiness by your simple presence. Monitor these things in your atmosphere. If you ever entered in to a room which is charged with high power (like pressure, nervousness, etc) only then you will get experience. This is the impact you can have on others. Though there is a tendency that others can make trouble. They treat you as preservative and suddenly they will rely a lot on your friendly behavior.

Symbol of koala has dealing with the magic; they are allied with the people who succeed in achieving their goal. It is frequently misconstrued as idleness. People who have koala totem habitually survive in all problems with meditation, dream and higher intellectual action. Nothing is wrong with this, I must say. It is also important to use these dreamy desires. Koala persons can occasionally fall from their dream. Having a preference to wait in their inspired expression and never stop dreaming. This can be tough for them to live in the world. Koalas can really help humans with their symbolic totems. People with koala totem can rise into a new height because they have a dream to be successful in this present world. If anyone found more flooded condition in transient kingdoms than objects, follow the powerful and strong character of koala to fulfill their dream. Artists, musicians and poets of present world dream about a beautiful future world. Koalas help to take wispy ideas into the real world.

The significance of this bears offers huge insights to mankind. It is vital to understand the koala’s characters. Koalas increase our consciousness, carries relaxed mentality to us to like the moment and to keep pace with the world. They are physically well mannered and frequently bring a signal to us to take must taken relaxation in life. This creature is well known for sleeping at least 20 hours per day which teach us to take break from daily life and take rest for mind freshness. It also teaches us to enjoy our leisure periods.

Finally, I expect these feelings of the symbolic significance of bears will help to inspire you to come into a new relationship with them. They are inspiring instructors for us who can guide us the how to be grateful for the enjoyment of our surroundings. Koalas can train us to enjoy the times also. If we take the lessons from the koalas it will expose our thankful virtues. These also will improve our logic of being peaceful and self-possession.

Following symbols are mostly considered

  • Relationship.
  • Security.
  • Remembrance.
  • Enjoyment.
  • Thrilling.
  • Peaceful.
  • Confidence.

Koala Bear shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be able to climb over obstacles.
  • You need to recognize the value of slow movement.
  • You need to able to remain above the fray.
  • You need the power of yoga.
  • You need to give helpful advice.

Call on Koala bear as a spirit guide when

  • You need overcome the challenges you have.
  • You move so fast and don’t understand the value of slow movement.
  • You need to remain above the fray.
  • You need power.
  • You need advice.

By Florance Saul
Mar 23, 2013