Are you having kites coming to your mind very often while you are engrossed with your thoughts?

The image of a kite coming into your thoughts mean that you are feeling constricted by something and you want to free yourself.

As the story goes, the first kite was made and flown in China. From China it spread all over Asia and then into Europe and ultimately to America. The sight of birds flying so freely in the skies made man crave for the same freedom.

The kite symbolizes the quest for freedom in you. When you are flying a kite, you have the same feeling of freedom as a bird has, while it skims and swoops and circles in the sky.

Kite flying became very popular in America and Europe. The discovery of the flow of electric current was discovered when a kite was being flown in a stormy day with lightning flashes overhead. The wet string became a conductor of the static electricity from a lightning flash.

The idea of an airplane first came to mind seeing how a kite flies in the air.

The symbol of the kite stands for...

  • Hope.
  • Happiness.
  • Youth.
  • Loyalty.
  • Friendship.
  • Pride.
  • Independence.
  • Religion.
  • Relationship.
  • Honor.
  • Prophesy.
  • Fate.
  • Violence.

The kite symbolizes your unique characteristics which are sometimes reflected in the color, in the size, in the design of the kite. The blue color of your kite signifies your loyalty and your friendship.

The kite also stands for your influence over others who are around you. When a kite is flown, normally there are two people helping it to fly. The first person who does the actual flying and the other who feeds the string as the kite goes higher and higher into the sky.

If you are the person who is actually flying the kite, then it means you have absolute control of the situation. If you are the person who is feeding the other person with the string, then you are being controlled by the other person. The symbol tells you to be the kite flyer always so that everything is under your control.

The symbol of the kite stands for bringing all kinds of people together. During kite flying festivals, people from different walks of life participate in kite flying. Kites make everybody equal and all egos, snobbishness, sense of being superior are brought down to the same level.

The kite symbolizes youth, and flying kites are mostly the passion of the young people like you, who are always looking for freedom in your thoughts and your expressions. The symbol of the kite occupying your thoughts mean that, even though you are not having the same athletic fitness as the other while doing the same work, you and the other person are on the same level of aptitude and expertise.

The kite in your thoughts means the wonderful relationship you enjoy with another person. It signifies that the relationship is on solid footing and soaring as the birds soar in the sky.

The kite symbol also stands for prophecy and violence. When there is a contest in kite flying, there is sure to be one winner. The loser loses his kite as the string is cut by the winning kite and the kite devoid of its mooring floats away. There is a mad rush in order to recover the lost kite as bringing your lost kite home is an honor.

You can have the image of a kite in your thoughts when

  • You are depressed.
  • You feel restricted.
  • You want to be happy.
  • Your loyalty is wavering.
  • You feel dependant.

You can call upon the kite symbol when

  • You want to free yourself of the constraints imposed on you by your surroundings.
  • You want to feel light and happy about what you are doing.
  • You want to think yourself to be as equal as the others are.
  • You want to feel honored by being entrusted with some particular job.
  • You want to be proud about your relationship with others.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013