Kinkajous are highly intelligent animal. They are closely connected to the plant kingdom.

They belong to raccoon family. They generally live in pair. Some kinkajou stays alone. Most of the time they stay in trees and they hardly leave from trees. They grasp tree by means of their long tail. Kinkajou is curious in nature and they reflect it through their large eyes and round ears.

Ears of the kinkajou are acutely low set. Kinkajou mostly consumes fruit, honey, mammals as their diet. Since their digestive system is tiny they are unable to consume heavy food. The body weight of the kinkajou will be less than 10 pounds. Kinkajou has high resolution power through which it can able to see even in dark.

Kinkajou may bite when they are scared. Since they have acutely low set ears, they can sense the sound waves created due to the vibration of elements present in the earth’s surface. They can also feel the vibration produced on the earth’s crust. They will move from that place if the vibration is worsening. In some culture people believes that kinkajou can foretell changes which is going to take place in the earth.

An ingenious vibrational frequency can be identified by the kinkajou. Obscure of new beginning will be present in this frequency of vibration. In once life kinkajou appeared, they can expect new beginning in some parts of their life.

People who have kinkajou as their power animal should choose their way in examining the sound waves which is used to cure some diseases. Kinkajou people will be retreating themselves by renewing their mind, body and soul.

They mostly spend their leisure time in forests. They always connect themselves with natural resources. Adding whole grain, fruit and vegetables in their diet will ensure good health for them. Kinkajou people will have high state of curiosity.

Due to this nature they will engage themselves in unusual matter and they are unable to find solutions for it. Hence they possess puzzling mind. Due to this exotic behavior their life will be mysterious. When they become angry, the words spill out from their mouth will hurt others. So it must be avoided. This behavior will make others to treat them as exotic person.

Kinkajou people might be timid by nature. Kinkajou people have ability to grasp others thought easily. They have a strong connection with mother earth. They eagerly move from place to place and they like to investigate about unknown places.

They are gentle. They try to catch any concepts easily which others could not do. Some people keep kinkajou as their exotic pet .If we treat kinkajou with love and care it will return it back to us as a favor. Kinkajou teaches us how to develop our sixth sense.

It also teaches us how to focus on what really others say and should not concentrate on what words they spill out from their mouth. It also teaches us to react only on others action.

Kinkajou shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have faith in unknown places.
  • You need to be able to grasp concepts out of reach of others.
  • You need to be gentle.
  • You need to be able to see in the dark.
  • You need to connect to the plant kingdom.

Call on Kinkajou as a spirit guide when

  • You need to be to be fertile.
  • You need to have leaps of faith.
  • You need to trust even the unknown places.
  • You need to be very gentle.
  • You need to get what others are unable to get.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013