The kingfisher can measure from 10 cm (Dwarf Kingfisher) to 45 cm (Giant Kingfisher); the heaviest specie is set to weighs more than 450 g.

They have a long sharp bill that they use to hunt fish.

Their eyes are dark brown.They have impeccable vision and are capable of seeing by zooming into an object a number of times. They do not move their eye socket; they move their heads to track their prey. They are also able to judge the water’s depth precisely.

In spite of Kingfisher’s aloofness to humans, this creature plays significant role on our cultures and traditions. For the people of Borneo, this bird is associated with a negative omen. Anyone who sees this bird especially a warrior will never return home. While in Polynesia they believe that this bird has a command on seas and waters.

The Kingfisher stands for peace and prosperity.It is connected with Jupiter which is a symbol for abundance and wealth. A kingfisher is a symbol of fertile harvest and good fortune. If we think we are attracting negative things in life, a kingfisher can change our fortune for the better. But be wary, consequences can happen to those who misuse this fortune

People with kingfisher as their totem spirit often teach their children how to enjoy life but still be productive at the same time. They teach their kids how to find a balance between a hard work and a happy life. Too much work and no play can make the head dull. Remember your life as a child and the things that made you happy. Those simple things are what our children needs, give them the freedom to experience those things, but at the same time teach them responsibility. Trust on them, the things that we taught them are enough to help one survive. Know when to let go, there will come a time when your child needs to make his own decision.

The Kingfisher is telling us to submerge our self into new things. When we are afraid on the new opportunities that come our way, call on kingfisher and it will give you the courage to face anything. The Kingfisher is telling us not to fear the unknown and keep on learning new things. Sometimes humans are afraid of the things they don’t know, they are scared of the things that they cannot comprehend. But sometimes these things can give us vast knowledge and greater consciousness of the things around us. Keep an open mind and new things will come to us.

Observe a kingfisher and look how it moves, it can impart us with teaching that a normal human can’t. However you may interpret a kingfisher; a fisher of knowledge or a fisher of good fortune, a kingfisher is still a king.

Kingfisher shows as an animal spirit when

  • We want to attract good fortune.
  • We want a peaceful life.
  • We want to impart the future generation a productive and happy life.
  • We need to learn new things.
  • We want to find a balance.

Call on Kingfisher as an animal spirit when

  • We are surrounded with negative energies.
  • We need a serene and carefree life.
  • We want our children to enjoy their life.
  • We are scared to tap on new things.
  • We need to seek for spiritual equilibrium.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013