One of the best qualities that you can learn from a kangaroo is their strong warrior energy.  This is applicable not only to men, but to women as well. 

The warrior energy that is representative of the kangaroo inspires headship, resoluteness, and power. It can also teach you about self-empowerment.  Kangaroos are considered to be one of the largest marsupials in the world. If this marsupial comes to you as a spirit guide then one needs to be quick in acting. It normally denotes that internal will be required to beat possible depression. It’s long, strong legs carrys most of its mobilization. 

With the help of its tail, it is able to turn and go to any direction having about 80% of its body made up of muscles.  Kangaroos are herbivores and they feed on the shrubs that can be found in the desert lands of Australia. 

They tend to live in groups called “mobs” and are considered to be sociable animals that have ascendancy within their group.  The various types of kangaroos have specific environments on which they tend to thrive more healthfully: greys prefer being near the sea, reds on the drier parts of Australia, although one can easily these animals on different parts of the country.

Kangaroos have a particular ability to delay the growth of their young through a process known as embryonic diapause.  This is a very adaptive way with which they are able to slow the growth process of their young ones when there is not enough source of food in the area where they are located.  Kangaroos communicate through various bodily movements such as touching, stomping their feet, grumbling, and snapping. 

You can also witness kangaroos that seem to be boxing each other when they are fighting for a female.  Kangaroo-meat is usually eaten by locals and their coat is also a highly-prized product.  The government therefore issued restrictions in order to prevent their abuse and extinction.

Lessons and Challenges

The lessons of life, if one calls the kangaroo animal totem is that one will learn that there are choices in life. The challenge will be how to meet life’s challenges.  During days when there seems to be no hope, and no friend or family is at hand to help, the kangeroo will be there to support you. You learn twhat it takes to get strong and stand along.

Family ties and ascendancy are also related to the kangaroo animal totem - it can teach us that it is time to grow up.  We need to learn that we have a significant duty to our family and hierarchy; that there are people whom we need to respect due to their ascendancy.  If you are have strong family issues and cannot get on with your family, it can be through the kangaroo that you will learn how to resolve those issues.  If you belong to a family that has much conflict, you should learn how to act according to your place and accept that you play an important role in your own family, no matter if it is good or bad.

Responsibility is also another peculiar trait of the kangaroo.  This animal proves to be a very excellent example of committment.  It teaches us that there are certain tasks that we ought to complete. In order to live well we have to fulfill roles. One needs to accept shortcomings and personal deficiencies in particular aspects.

Wisdom in handling obstacles as well as instinctive movements is also shown by the kangaroo.  Being passive and letting things just happen is not the way to deal with life’s problems.  Meeting the kangaroo in meditation you will notice that one has to be watchful in circumstances and that one will need to react instantly - to survive.  Once you become aware of a difficulty, you have to act with the swiftness through wise decision-making, taking a real grasp of the situation, and think wisely. Meditating deeply about things may not be the right way to deal with major problems right now; you sometimes have to also trust what you call, “gut-feeling.”

A kangaroos is also known to be multi-tasking mother – being fertile in almost any time of the year, they can have as many children as they want.  They are a good source of wisdom for women who have to be working and taking care of the home at the same time.  Kangaroos can provide you with the inspiration to fulfill all your motherly tasks as well as provide for everyday necessities.

Fertility is also another common trait of the kangaroo.  It is not only through the producing of progeny, but also of giving birth to other directions in our lives.  Watching a kangaroo, you will learn that there are plenty of resources in our surroundings – from friends, material needs, and employment.  You may be lacking in some aspects, but there are always others to rely on.  Life is not as bad as we think it is; there is always another way out of a problem.

When a kangaroo enters your life, it may be that you may have to postpone your wishes for having children at the moment, or of starting new projects, and other forms of growth and “giving birth.”  These things may not have the fertile ground with which you will be able to nourish them as they grow.

Setting our life into focus is also an important lesson to learn from a kangaroo animal totem.  You need to have all of your energies bound up in a single important aim and this may especially be at this particular era of your life.  You may need to shut all other things from interfering with your life so you can make a wise and informed decision.

Red kangaroos impart desert wisdom into our lives.  This means that you may have to view your life in a perspective where you don’t have as much resources as you want.  Controlling the use of these resources may be the important thing at the moment.   Remember the saying, “less is more.”

You will notice that there are kangaroos that live even in very urban surroundings.  This can teach us that we can make use of our urban connection to seek native wisdom in the daily activities in our lives.  Grey kangaroos are a good example of an urban warrior, having the strength and wisdom to thrive in the urban jungle which is very different from their natural habitat. They seem to remind us that even though we live in a concrete home, the natural instinct and wisdom to survive abides with us.

For people who are into the art of learning herbalism, kangaroos can be an important source of energy.  These animals are known for their strong knowledge of herbs and trees that have significant medicinal properties.  People will be able to establish a connection with this undertaking if they have the kangaroo as a source of wisdom.  You will also learn to incorporate vegetables and herbs in your diet aside from delving deep into the knowledge of these things.

The kangaroo can help in situations in one's career, family, and spiritual life.  Pastures, meadows, plains, and plateaus are also a distinctive characteristic of the kangaroo life. You may also be attracted to landscapes such as these in real life.  Try to see the positive side of things when you are at a “low” point in your life or experiencing a “plateau.”  Try to enjoy the different landscapes in your local area.  See the different meadows and greens that surround you as well as those where there are plenty of trees.

The Shadow Aspects

Kangaroos hold shadow energy which can manifest itself on people who cannot take the time to slow the pace of their lifestyle out of fear that it may show things that they do not want to see.  Those who have busy schedules often do not have the time to sit and think about what is really important in their lives.  They often use social gathering and taking overtime as a way of blunting their need for thinking deeply.  A kangaroo can help you with this type of situation, and you will be able to form strong ties among those who decide to do so.

As we have touched on before, a kangaroo can also help people who have difficulty trying to accept their responsibility in life.  You, yourself may not be taking “full” responsibility for the things that you have done in your life.  Kangaroos will teach you that you may have a tendency to place the blame on others. Therefore, this animal totem helps us to accept the consequences of what we have done in the past.


As with other animals that help us, a kangaroo will also appear at the right place and moment.  You cannot force them to come and speak with you upon your will.  They are powerful guides and may be difficult to reach, but if you approach them with deference and respect, they will do so accordingly.  Since they teach endurance, of finding our way out of problems, the kangaroo will assuredly be with you for as long as you need them.

How can I attract the kangaroo as a spirit guide?

Things like water, desert sand, herbs, and plateau images can help enhance your connections with the kangaroo.  The most effective scents to use are the eucalyptus, the sandalwood and other types of incence will help call this animal totem. Especially, in wide open places.  Kangaroos often choose to go with simple methods of rituals as long as you can do them aptly and rightly.  It will often be better to perform a short and efficient one, than to do a very lengthy ritual.  Simplistic styles of chanting, posture, and drum beats can be the most effective way to communicate with the warrior energy of the kangaroo.

Kangaroo shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need energy.
  • Responsibility is placed upon you that you didn’t ask for and you need assistance or education.
  • You have a wave of emotion.
  • You need family and none is around to help.
  • You are trying to have children.
  • You are a stay at home mother.
  • Resisting social structures.

Call on a Kangaroo as a spirit guide when

  • You need the wisdom to overcome obstacle.
  • You need help with responsibility.
  • You need leadership and empowerment.
  • You become overwhelmed and a mother spirit to help you along the way.
  • You need to slow down and enjoy your life but seem to be unable to.

By Florance Saul
Jan 28, 2013