The junco is an itinerant species of bird and a member of the American finch family.

Its fecundity is shown by the proliferation of members of, and the various different species that exist, with the over 300 that obtain.

They have carved an ecological niche in various natural environments. The juncos are small sized birds of roughly six inches in length. They have many different colors ranging from brown to black, but are predominantly grey, with males and females having characteristic colors.

They also vary in color based on age. All have white outer tail feathers which they frequently display: in times flight or aggression for example. Their presence is oft viewed as an indication of the beginning of winter. This leads one to make a mental link between winters, the Christmas season, the herald angels and the finch’s lovely singing voice.

How we express ourselves shows the forces acting within us. It reveals to others, to some extent, what we hold as our life principles, our internal guidebooks. What we express affects others, and in the long run – and short – affects us too.

We often appreciate individuals who evince a persona we like or can relate to. In life, we are advised to draw on positive characters and shape our mien around them, and in all this still remaining original and keeping our individuality.

One can therefore relate to the free spirit of the junco. You can be an open minded hearer and speaker of the truth. Bearing in mind that what we express is equally important as how, you can learn to say honest things, but in a nice way.

We are often advised to live life at its full. A ready way to achieve this is to experience as many good things as possible. These experiences are got through reaching out of our immediate circle, leaving our comfort zones, walled off from others; physically, emotionally, intellectually or otherwise.

For some this could mean traveling to various places, going on safari, the great outdoors. For others, it could simply be talking to that person we've seen but never known for such a long time. We can tap into the adventurous nature of the junco, strike out of our norms, and break the mold.

'Never give up'. Tough people outlasting tough times are a popular mantra. Life shall serve us as she pleases, circumstances change and unexplained things happen. We can tap into the resilient nature of the junco, which hold their own quite well against predators.

The worry on a discomforting situation is itself a problem to internal tranquillity, and does not much good to relieve said situation. You can, and needs must, invent and adopt within yourself a free spirit not unlike the junco’s which effects our catharsis and affords us the resilience to stave off life's 'predation' which assails all: male or female, rich or poor.

Like attracts like (at least outside magnetism). We are actually surrounded by people of the same nature of what we are, not usually what we think or say we are. A group of sure-minded, positive but realistic thinking humans: understanding fully and making conscious ethical decisions on their feral and noble natures, rising – to a healthy degree – above selfish interest and factoring in the greatest good; is indeed a great pleasure to see.

Junco shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have good communication with others.
  • You need to understand the diversity of individuals.
  • You need to understand the wanderer.
  • You need to be able to survive in every situation.
  • You need to live well with others.

Call on Junco as a spirit guide when

  • You need to have interpersonal communication.
  • You need to know the diversity of people.
  • You need to be a wanderer.
  • You need skills for survival.
  • You need to understand others.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013