Jellyfish is a free swimming marine animal that is rather sensitive to water current. There are many species of Jellyfish.

The one which is mostly known is called the Man of War. They usually grow to a length of between three to twenty four inches long. Out of the water surface they can grow up to six inches.

Jellyfish have tentacles. These tentacles always hang up to at least four - five feet below the water surface. Their tentacles usually have colony of polyps that produce stinging cells. Whenever a jellyfish sense some fish, their stinging cells would shoot out barbs that go into the fish and would inject some deadly poison killing the fish. This is how they target their prey.

They inhabit the warm seas all over earth. During a warm season, they usually move towards poles and when the month is cooler they move towards the equator.

Jellyfish always have faith and they believe that they can have all that is necessary for them to survive effectively. They have acceptance of life.

They rely on movement to sustain their lives. They are unable to move on their own because they depend on the direction of the wind and the ocean currents to help them move to where they should go.

This teaches us that we should flow well with the natural forces of the earth and nature. We should not force some things but let nature take its course. Just as the jellyfish flows with the current, we should be able to flow with the forces in the world to achieve our goals in life.

We should eat the necessary food and survive in any situation just as jellyfish. They only eat foods that are necessary to their body.

You should be very sensitive to your surrounding just as jellyfish is sensitive to water. They understand well what it means to float and what it means to swim. The flow of water is an important aspect in their lives. We should understand those people who can change or influence our lives. We cannot be alone in this world. The jellyfish gives one the confidence to start moving forward in life.

We should learn to be flexible just as the jellyfish. They are not rigid to follow their own way. Life may come with several challenges but we need to accept change and fit in the situation without harming ourselves.

Jellyfish have the ability to avoid the perils of life. This teaches those who have jellyfish as their totem animal that they should be careful to avoid the mistakes that people make in life, if possible. They should try to avoid pain caused by those in the world just as the jellyfish. Instead, they should follow their dream diligently with perseverance and the help from others around them who may be willing to help.

Those who choose jellyfish as their animal totem should learn to balance all the areas of their lives well. You need ask yourself if you are flowing in the right direction of your life. Maybe you are wasting your time struggling with some things that are not necessary to you. You should not waste any of your time on those things that are not important and start focusing on the goals you need to achieve in your life.

Jellyfish shows up as a spirit guide when

  • You have faith but need the jellyfish to guide you in life.
  • You are able to persevere suffering.
  • You need direction – especially in your love life.
  • You need a helping hand from others.
  • You need a companion.

Call on Jellyfish as a spirit guide when

  • You are in denial or are having family problems in life.
  • You lack faith or need help from the jelly fish in life.
  • You are unable to manage your time well.
  • You are impatient.
  • You need to face the peril.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013