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Jackall Animal Totem

The jackal is often used to refer a small-midsized wolf. They are sometimes regarded as omnivores but they are generally predators of smaller animals.

Their teeth are long and thin: proof that they are made for hunting and their strong legs gave them the ability to endure long distance of running, they are well able to keep up a speed of 9.9 mph for a long period of time. They are ferocious when it comes to defending their territory; they mark it with their feces and stool.


The Jackals are often portrayed as sorcerers in the folklores of some regions. Anubis is a god of afterlife in Egypt and is often depicted as a God with the head of a jackal. This creature is also mentioned fourteen times on the Christian bible. Serer religion states that this animal is one of the very first animals that their God has created.

The Jackal has a strong connection with the Egyptian God of afterlife, Anubis, thus creating a connection between the jackal and the deaths or the underworld. It is a warning sign that our life or a person close to us is in danger or in need of help.


The Jackal is also known for its adaptability. When you are having difficulties trying to fit in you surrounding call on jackals healing power and it will help you. The Jackal is bold and courageous which allow him to be a favourite of the crowd.

A trait that you must learn from a jackal to help you blend in to your environment.

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Jackal People are also prominent for having time for others. They are well known for spending quality times to the people they cared for. It is important to spend significant time with your loved ones. The animal is broad minded in spirit world's.

It suggests a person that is well rounded not an extremist and able to face challenges. The message of this totem is to also cherish by your family and friends - make them feel special and important.


This creature is also a sign that we should create bonds that will last a lifetime. It is imperative for us to make sure that the bonds that we formed with one another are strong and able to withstand any crisis that will come our way. A strong relationship is an assurance that someone is willing and ready to support you in times of perils.

Their peculiar ability to communicate is a sign that we should also do everything to make sure that our message is properly relayed. It is a sign to stop being ambiguous and vague on our chosen words and start being articulates on the things that we want to say.


If you want others to understand your feelings and opinions more clearly, you must be speak and communicate, do not hesitate to tell others what you feel, your opinion matters.



The Jackal shows as an animal spirit when...

  • There is a threat to your life.
  • You need to adapt.
  • You need to have more time for others.
  • You are having difficulty in maintaining a relationship with someone.
  • You are having trouble in communicating.


Call on Jackal as an animal spirit when...


  • You need protection.
  • You need to blend in to your environment.
  • You are not having quality time with others.
  • You want to create a strong bond with others.
  • You need to be articulate on your feelings.


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