Jackal symbolism can appear in many ways in life.

This can range from seeing a jackal in real life, being chased by a jackal and finally one appearing in your meditation. You may even be interested in the religious symbolism of a Jackal. In this article, I am going to cover the Jackal as a spirit animal, symbolism and also the key spiritual meaning. If you keep seeing Jackals or they have appeared before you in your thoughts then take notice. The jackal symbolism in the bible is quite prominent, it is mentioned around fifteen times in various parts of the bible scripture. As the jackal is connected to being “nocturnal” it is associated with sorcery, witchcraft and above all deception. In Job 30:29 and also Psalms 44:19, the Jackal is described in connection with death and a new start. The wolf is connected to a false prophet as stated in Matt 7:15. In essence provides us with a clear meaning of the symbol of a jackal being someone in life who is not honest. Therefore, I would say, spiritually it urges you to look at those people in life who are dishonest.

What is a jackal?

A jackal is an omnivorous animal, slender in size, of Canis genes where animals such as the Coyotes, Wolves, hyena and the domesticated dog belong. There are three classes of jackals black-backed jackal, side striped jackal, and golden jackal. Many cultures have the symbolism of a jackal rooted in their culture and all over the world, it seems to be based on the a number of prepositions. The jackal is often used to refer a small-midsized wolf. They are sometimes regarded as omnivores but they are generally predators of smaller animals. Their teeth are long and thin: proof that they are made for hunting and their strong legs gave them the ability to endure long distance of running, they are well able to keep up a speed of 9.9 mph for a long period of time. They are ferocious when it comes to defending their territory; they mark it with their feces and stool.

What are the Jackal traits and characteristics?

Let’s now look at some interesting traits that could be connected to the spiritual symbolism. In Arabic, the Jackal is connected to “sons of howling” and this is associated with the name jackals. Thus, it is connected to howling.

  • Scavengers: A jackal and its genes are well-known scavengers who love feeding on leftovers from other predators in the wild. As I have already touched on the biblical meaning of howling the jackal is about finishing a problem or overcoming deceit in real life. I believe that this is the main symbol if a jackal is seen.
  • Intelligent: From a very tender age, jackals seem to learn the art of survival in the wild. In order to survive, they need to be intelligent and have a top notch hunting technique and at the same time, be able to defend themselves from large animals. This in regards to

What does it mean to have a Jackal as your animal totem?

A jackal as your animal totem is a very powerful one. It represents inventors, tactical people, tricksters, intelligence, youth, and fun. born under it, then it follows that you will have a chance to succeed in your life. If you are born under the Jackal or are protected by it as your animal totem, then it means that you are tactical when it comes to day to day activities. Emotions are important to you and thus, you may feel a bit stressed out right now if the jackal appeared as an animal totem. This is a message to follow your heart, but also your brain. Before you do anything you make sure that you have focused your mind.

We all like to have people in life who are outgoing, extrovert and enjoy doing the same things as we do. If you enjoy challenges this animal totem is a great omen who brings some challenges to the table. But to the outside world this animal can represent being cold and well calculated. Positively, from a spiritual perspective the jackal is about how to utilize your skills and bring the best out of what life throws at you.

Having a tactical life could be exhausting to those who don’t possess the jackal totem, but for those protected or born by the animal, they find it to be a normal way of life. This animal brings about the love thinking ahead of time. When it comes to choosing a partner, it is a complex affair as you find that nearly everyone around you doesn’t meet your specifications. Having this animal totem means concentrating on work and driving the development in the develop valuable ideas in the entire community.

What does it mean to have a Jackal as a symbol in your dream?

Dreaming about a jackal can denote several meanings depending on the context in which it appears. When you have a dream where you see a jackal, it can have both positive and negative energies. On a general note, if you see a jackal in your dream, it represents your overprotecting nature as far as your family and close friends are concerned.

In the case in your dream you see a jackal attacking you, it is a sign that you have a real enemy in your waking life who can harm you any time. You will need to be careful to avoid being diverted from your goals in life. Remember the meaning I have mentioned above regarding the bible interpretation. A dead jackal in your dream denotes that, whatever project you are currently working on is going to become prosperous in the near future.

What is a jackal as a symbol in different cultures?

Symbolically, a jackal means different things to different cultures. The Anubis was the name given to the jackal god in Egypt by ancient Greece. In the Bible, as I have mentioned before, the Jackal mentions about 15 times as a symbol of desolation, abandonment, and loneliness. According to the Serer culture, the supreme Serer deity Roog believes that the jackals were some of the first animals which were created by the supreme. Many legends which are found all over the world implies that a jackal is a lone animal that walks in forests and deserts.

In the Pakistan and Indian cultures, jackals are shown as brave lone animals who are more courageous than the lion. The Native America culture believes that the Jackal is seen as a transformer and a trickster. They believed that after a while, the gods were transformed into jackals which enabled them to walk around in the mountains and forests.

Due to their unique way of life and behaviors, jackals normally awaken imaginations in people. They are always fighting for their own survival; they are lonely and whatever they do, they do it for themselves. In short, they are selfish animals. Being lonely, it will automatically make you admire the animal and the way they survive without relying on others. Jackals are often portrayed as sorcerers in the folklore's of some regions. Anubis is a god of the afterlife in Egypt and is often depicted as a God with the head of a jackal. This creature is also mentioned fourteen times in the Christian bible. The serer religion states that this animal is one of the very first animals that their God has created. The Jackal has a strong connection with the Egyptian God of the afterlife, Anubis, and therefore, creates a connection between the jackal and the deaths or the underworld. It is a warning sign that our life or a person close to us is in danger or in need of help.

What can the jackal help you with?

The Jackal is also known for its adaptability. When you are having difficulties trying to fit in you surrounding call on jackals healing power and it will help you. The Jackal is bold and courageous which allow him to be a favorite of the crowd. A trait that you must learn from a jackal to help you blend into your environment. Jackal's are historically known to appear when you need to have a great time with others. They are a sign that you need to spend quality times with people you care for. It is important to spend significant time with your loved ones. The animal is broad-minded in spirit.

In conclusion, when seeing the jackal this suggests a person that is well rounded not an extremist and able to face challenges. The message of this spirit animal is to cherish by your family and friends - make them feel special and important. This creature is also a sign that we should create bonds that will last a lifetime. It is imperative for us to make sure that the bonds that we formed with one another are strong and able to withstand any crisis that will come our way. A strong relationship is an assurance that someone is willing and ready to support you in times of perils.

Their peculiar ability to communicate is a sign that we should also do everything to make sure that our message is properly relayed. It is a sign to stop being ambiguous and vague chosen words and start being articulates on the things that you want to say. If you want others to understand your feelings and opinions more clearly, try to meditate and communicate, do not hesitate to tell others what you feel, your opinion matters.

The Jackal shows as an animal spirit when

  • There is a threat to your life.
  • You need to adapt.
  • You need to have more time for others.
  • You are having difficulty in maintaining a relationship with someone.
  • You are having trouble in communicating.

Call on Jackal as an animal spirit when

  • You need protection.
  • You need to blend in to your environment.
  • You are not having quality time with others.
  • You want to create a strong bond with others.
  • You need to be articulate on your feelings.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013