Invoking-How to invoke your animal totem and work with it

Invoking-How to invoke your animal totem and work with it

Invoking an animal totem is rather easy.

Firstly, it is important to try to look for clues as to your possible totem animal.

This can be seeing the animal totem in dreams or even in real life. This will help you understand which animal totem represents you.

The spirit related to the animal totem can be invoked through meditation, once invoked the animal totem can be used in life to communicate. Even when you have a walk, or as you go about doing your daily household chores or at work. Personally, invoking the animal totem has been associated with the “cave” meditation.

One can relate to the animal totem of choice by repeating the following words, sentences or poetry silently in your mind or uttering them softly as you move around your house while taking care of the household chores.

You can do the same thing in the office but do try not to get disturbed or distracted while doing so. The words which you think silently or utter softly can be similar to the following or any other which comes to your mind.

“I draw upon the powers of my animal totem to influence my thoughts so that I may see clearly what I am supposed to do next so I can achieve success. I thank my animal totem for appearing in my thoughts and helping me to find my way in life.”

The words, phrases, sentences or poems should be repeated over and over again by you. The repetition will increase your confidence and your confidence will help you to concentrate on goals. As your concentration increases, the animal totem you have chosen will make an appearance in your thoughts sometime during the day.

To see your animal totem in your thoughts, you have to absorb the changes in your surroundings with a keen sense of observation and patience. The animal totem will then appear and your thoughts will become clear and precise.

If you see an animal while thinking of your animal totem or while asking your animal totem to appear in your thoughts, then that particular animal can become your animal totem for that period. For example, meeting a red fox or a hedgehog beside the road while waiting for your animal totem to reveal itself, may cause your thoughts to be influenced by the characteristics of the fox or the hedgehog.

How do you know that the animal totem is responding to your call? The spirit of the animal totem that responded to your call will send you a message if you keep still and try to listen for it. Listening to your animal totem requires skill and once you achieve this, you feel its presence in your thoughts to guide you through life.

The native people of America would go into a trance in order to communicate with their animal totems to guide them on the path of life. They would see their animal totem through revelations in the form of visions or in actual life.

The native people or Aboriginies of Australia go for “walk-abouts” when they want to communicate with their animal totems. When they are engaged in their walk through nature, they come face to face with their animal totems and engage them in conversation.

In many ancient and modern cultures, the person trying to get his or her animal totem to reveal itself to him would invoke the spirit of the animal totem by observing the surroundings with keen interest. The underlying tactic is to use patience and power of observation to concentrate as much as possible on the characteristics of the animal totem, so that it comes to one as a revelation.

Visions which come easily to one should not be discarded. For example, you are attracted by the picture of an octopus on a billboard you come across everyday while going to office. The picture of the octopus may look very hypnotic to you which means that the octopus is your animal totem and it is beckoning to you to pay it some attention.

By Florance Saul
Mar 26, 2013