Hyssop is a beautiful shrub that has so many attractive features. In ancient times it was even considered holy.

It has a beautiful fragrance an many healing properties. It has also been used to  cure ailments - and has the reputation as a cleansing tool.

Priests and holy church leaders used hyssop as a way to sprinkle blessed water or oils on people to bless or cleanse them from different things such as, illness, evil spirits and bad luck .Just by mixing the plant flowers with water the healing effect from the plant was used to cleanse. People also used the the plant directly applied on the skin or even wounds with the aim to heal.

A priest would mix water that was blessed and sprinkle on his followers to bless them as a group. The hyssop plant has been used in specific cleansing ceremonies. It was used to cleanse homes to enable the occupants of those homes enjoy peace.

Love and happiness in their houses; this was done by using the hyssop to go through the various rooms of the house. It has widely been used to cleansing of church altars and areas done to do sacred acts like sacrifice areas, baptism areas and areas that bear special functions done in holy places.

Cleansing was also carried out on expectant mothers to prepare them for the birth of a healthy and blessed child. Patients in hospital were also cleansed so that they would get better and drive off any other ailments that may be troubling them in their bodies.

It was also used to cast out demons and evil spirits in people perceived to be suffering from possession of evil spirits, such a person washed in water mixed in the herbs from the hyssop would be deemed as being cleansed.

The same plant can also be kept in the house as a way to cleanse anything bad in the home and especially for people coming into the home would ensure protection of anything bad; people have kept even small portions of the herb in cars, offices, compounds just to be assured of protection.

The herb can easily be grown even in the home area and even the fragrance emitted by the plant can be able to cleanse the air of the impurities that are widely found in our environment.

The most popular use of Hyssop is a spiritual bath. The hyssop bath is usually considered to be a personal ritual to remove sin and negativity in life. It is used in conjunction with psalm 51 (...purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean...), which is a psalm of repentance and contrition for sins committed. 

By Florance Saul
Dec 24, 2012