Hyenas have short torso and resemble the build of a wolf.

Their front legs are high while the legs at the back are too short. Their skulls are similar to a skull of a large dog, but their skull is a lot larger and heavier.

In African tales hyenas are often correlated to the Muslim who fought the animism in Cote d’Ivoire. Consequently hyenas are a symbol of the solar creature that brought the warmth of the sun to the coldness of the earth.

In West African culture hyenas also symbolize immortality, bad habits other traits that are dark. While in Tanzania hyenas were believed to be used by witches, they also believed that a child born while a hyena is crying would likely grow up to be a burglar.

It is also common to see a child with a hyena dung since the locals believed that it can help the baby walk at an early age. There is also a popular African urban legend about a certain tribe that has the ability to transform into a hyena.

This creature are also use as a remedy in some countries, this practice can be traced back to the Ancient Greek and Roman civilization, they believed that a certain part of a hyena’s body is effective to defend against evil and to guarantee fertility. The Muslim under the Shafiite School also consumes hyenas and considers it as halal.

People who have been sent a hyena as their totem have the skill to separate lies from the truth. They know what to do, who to believe just by trusting their instinct. Hyena people are built with an extra sensitive intuition that a sense of betrayal won’t slip their susceptible instinct.

One downside of hyenas is their choice of words. It is important for them to have a constant communication but they are not careful with the words that they are saying.

Their words can express so much love but sometimes it can also hurt someone a lot deeper. One has to carefully pick his words, sometimes a blunt honest word can cut deeper than the most sharpest of knifes.

Hyenas work well in a group. They are teaching us that a job would be a lot easier if we all lend a help in doing it. They want to show us the benefit we can get in a group. They also use their group for security and protection.

Sometimes quantity also means safety, the more you are the less chance that a project will fail, considering that everyone has done their part, on the other hand, if one fails to do his part, everything about the group will fall.

One has to analyze all the consequences of working in a group. This animal totem can teach inner defense and the fact that adapting to dangers will increase riches in life. The totem can help one become a more knowledgeable person.

It is quite likely that a person has already experienced some kind of danger in the past, and it is likely that a person who calls this totem will seek wisdom. A complete change of direction and a careful plan to reach goals should be followed.

The Hyena in meditation will take time to explain dangers approaching the client. The totem has the ability to deliver messages directly. Have good team building traits. These traits are needed in order to become successful.

Hyena shows as an animal spirit when

  • Someone is betraying you.
  • One has to choose his words carefully.
  • When there is no harmonious working relationship.
  • When you are seeking for protection.
  • When you need to trust your instinct.

Call on a Hyena as an animal spirit when

  • Someone is plotting against you.
  • Unknowingly hurt someone cause of what you have said.
  • One wants to create a smooth flow of work within a group.
  • When your life is in jeopardy and you need the help of the group.
  • Trusting on your intuition.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013