How do we make our own sigils?

How do we make our own sigils?

We can use magical alphabets like the Nordic runes, Theban, Hebrew or Enochian.

Religious symbols are great inspiration crosses and pentagrams are in many ancient sigils. Ceremonial magicians have used the rosy cross and Kameas. One is a symbol with all the Hebrew letter use to spell out the name of the angle or spirit. and the other known as a magick square.

However you decide to create take note that more personal and meaningful to you the easier it will be to charge. 

We are now going to talk about the simplest use of sigil for practical magick or everyday spell work. Remember this is just an example anything you create from your own inspiration will connect you much better than anything you just read about.

A sigil is a powerful magickal symbol or image which has several meanings and uses depending on the magician using it. It can at once be a marking that physically and magically represents the witch, which is often time an image made of breaking apart the Witches’ magical name and molding it into an image in which all points connect in one way or another.

Another use for sigils is known as sigil magic, sigil magic is much the same principle in the sense that the practitioner takes a combination of letters and combines them to make an image, but in addition to doing so, the practitioner must have a purpose in their minds eye that this sigil represents.

Then they can either keep the sigil after writing it on a piece of paper, or carve it into wax and the like, to cause this desire to physically manifest on the behalf of the Witch. If it is a paper, when the spell has been completed, so shall it be burned.

The charging of the sigil is a two part process that takes place while creating the sigil and then after with a specific charging and this is why it is important to be focused (ie. Not watching television or talking to your kids) while crafting your sigil. We are just going to talk about the practical magick use for sigils.  If you want to bring love in your life you would write what you want down and take some letters and make your sigil.

How do we make our own sigils


Bring sweet love to me. 

You could take the first letter in each word (BSLTM) and overlap them or connect them in an artful fashion. You can create picture with letters in it. The goal is to create something that requires a little extra effort and at first it can be a bit difficult if you aren’t used to it. There is no right or wrong in this kind of sigil creation as it is your own desire and manifestation of what you want. This is a creative process and while you are creating your own sigil you are putting power and energy into your desired end result.

When you create your sigil you want to make the sentence fairly short but direct. Sigil work is usually done with spell work and it is not the sigils job to be super-specific… you will create a request for timeframes and what you are looking for in other ways. Think of the sigil as an overall plea to the universe that you are putting your own time and energy into.

The Charging

During the sigil creation process you must focus energy into your sigil. Picking the time is important and it is good to do this during a full or waxing moon. You will want to charge it with energy on a positive energy day but beyond that… the exact time and day can be up to you. Some examples are charging it during a full moon or chanting. You use a prayer or tell it what to do. The goal is to place further energy and direction into the sigil once it is created. The more tools you can bring together to charge the sigil the better and more prolific the sigil can be. When you are done with your sigil you will spend time focusing on what you want until you feel that the sigil is complete.

By Florance Saul
Nov 22, 2012