Hornbills vary in size, from120 grams that measure 30 cm in length to 6.2 kg that measures 1.2 ft.

These creatures are showing sexual dimorphism, the male hornbills are always bigger than the female species. They can be identified with their heavy bill; their powerful muscles on their neck are supporting that bill. They use this to fight, to construct the nest and as well as catching their food. Their plumage is consisting of black, grey or a brown color. The cries of hornbills are loud and can be easily distinguished.

Special specie of hornbill called the Helmeted Hornbill are popular for its ivory, it has a great market value and a favorite carving item by the Chinese and the Japanese. It is often the material used in carving those miniature stuff called the art of netsuke.

Sad to say that most of Asian Hornbills are seriously threatened cause by hunting and loss of home. The Sulu Hornbill which can be found in the Philippines is facing an imminent extinction. Furthermore specie of hornbill from the Philippines called the TicaoTarictic is feared to be extinct.

The Hornbill is a sign of defending your kids. You are probably in a tough situation right now, and your kid’s future is at stake. Remember that there is always an answer to every question. A hornbill is good in raising his child alone. Observe a hornbill and learn from it. There is much wisdom that a hornbill can impart you. Always be ready to sacrifice all things for the sake of your children. How do you define unconditional love? Are you willing to give everything if it means that your children will have a better future?

When this animal shows to you, it is teaching you to have the ability to pierce your way through walls of trials. Have the tenacity not only to endure but overcome this obstacle with flying colors. The hornbill does not tell you to just wait and let your problems pass, they are teaching you to find a way to escape that situation. If it means drilling a hole just to flee from that inevitable danger then do it.

It is also reminding us to use our charm when necessary. Yes, there are those times that we need to use people to our advantage. The Hornbill is using its neighboring creatures for his benefits, without taking advantage of them or without causing any harm to both parties. It is also teaching us to live harmoniously to those people who do not belong to the same group.& There are ways they can help you and you can use your connection with them to gather information or wisdom that your group needs. A hornbill is a great teacher on erasing racism.

Hornbill shows as an animal spirit when

  • The safety of your kids needs an extra attention.
  • You need to overcome a difficult situation.
  • Associating yourself on the people that can be of help.
  • You need to spend more time with your family.
  • Defending your belongings.

Call on Hornbill as an animal spirit when

  • You need to protect your children.
  • You want to deal with a problem.
  • You want to be a close companion of someone that you can use to your advantage.
  • You want to have a quality time with your loved ones.
  • Protecting what is yours.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013