Hoodoo Love Poppit

Hoodoo Love Poppit

Hoodoo is a spell craft that is linked with voodoo.

The principles of poppits are the same in both religions and they can be made in a variety of ways. For this spell, while it calls for creating a figure out of clay, the same spell can be done with replacing the clay figures with cloth dolls that you sew and create yourself.

Using any item of a person in your poppit will increase the magick of the spell as well. Remember, in all spells, you are asking the universe to provide for you. While you may desire someone specific, we all have our own inner will. It is in your best interest to ask for your love to come back to you but understand that if the spell doesn’t work that it may not be meant to be. In this case, you can also ask for a replacement – such as love coming into your life.

However, this spell is designed to be directed towards a lost love and is often used after a break up. This can also be used if a person desires another and wants that person to notice them. The end result of this spell is designed to bring people together and because it is specific the timing and intent of the spell must be specific too.

Before working this spell you do need a cleansed and quiet working space.

What you need:

Clay – you can get oven bake clay (or polymer) at a sewing store

Red Ribbon

Orange Flowers (rose petals can work as well)

A chalice of wine* (a standard wine glass will do)

This spell can be done with other people, but each person needs to have their own supplies.

This spell needs to be done during a waxing or on a full moon.

First, clean your working area and spread the rose or orange petals across your alter or working space. Invite love energies and Venus, the goddess of love into the space.

“Blessed Venus, I call to your aid. I desire the heart of (insert name) and beseech your assistance. I create for you a manifestation of my love and I, together again, to be united by your power and grace. Blessed be to Venus and in your name I ask to please complete my heart.”

Drink a sip of the wine and continue to do so throughout the ritual.

Create your poppit from the clay. It does not have to be a likeness, in fact, often the poppit will look like a gingerbread man. It is important to have the shape of male and female (think like the signs you see on bathroom doors).

Once your figures re shaped you will bake them in the oven by following the baking directions on the packages.

Once baked you will tie a string around the neck of each poppit and secure the two of them together. As you wrap them with the ribbon chant:

“By the name of Blessed Venus, I call (name) to me and I bind we two  to Venus above I bind we two to with heart felt love, I bind we two to the goddess above.”

Continue to keep the two poppits together until such time that you want them separate. You do not need to separate them, but if you change your mind in the future or decide that you don’t want to be with that person then in this case you would break them up. Make sure to store them in a safe place so that they do not break.

*If you cannot drink wine, you can use pomegranate or cherry juice instead.

By Florance Saul
Nov 13, 2012