Hoodoo Magic

Here I will provide a hoodoo definition so you can understand what this branch of magic. It integrates a variety of spiritual practices from magical traditions and hoodoo is a term which refers to a magic spell or potion, a word that appeared in the late 1800s. Hoodoo is impacting daily life supernaturally using specific types of energies through spells and rituals.

I like to think the definition of hoodoo aims vary, but it is aimed at improving finances, attracting good fortune, foretelling the future, and encouraging love. In order to be able to accomplish the above tasks, hoodoo or conjuration practitioners depend on ancestors or other spirits while at times, adding the recitation of sacred texts to make it work. Herbs are also used as charms and potions to achieve good results.

Hoodoo refers both to the practice and the practitioner of the magical beliefs, though at times, a practitioner who practices on behalf of clients is normally referred to as the Hoodoo doctor. Hoodoo doctors are from different cultures; African-American, Americans, and Latinos. Africans in Europe refer to Hoodoo as a harmful activity while those in America refer to Hoodoo as both an alternative healing solution as well as a harmful activity.

Hoodoo believers are allowed to have access to supernatural forces in order to enhance their living standards through gaining love, money, luck, as well as using it for bad luck or revenge on other people. Hoodoo involves communication to the spirit world, making each individual has a different outcome and that is what has made most people believe that conjuration is mainly for self-gratification and inclination. Some people consider hoodoo to be spiritual or harmful magic with protection spells, and other spells being linked to hoodoo. It is believed that a spell done by a hoodoo doctor will result in good health, money, love, and happiness.

When practicing hoodoo, things like minerals, herbs, animal parts, herbs; bodily fluids like semen, menstrual blood, and urine; and personal possessions are used. When performing a hoodoo ritual, candles, incense, hoodoo oils, and powder sachets must be present to make it a success. Sachet powder is normally added due to the Africans emphasizing on spiritual cleansing and fruit print magic, bathing, and floor washing. African hoodoo aspects include laying down tricks, foot track magic, and crossroad magic. Foot Track Hoodoo Spell: The practitioner buries the footprint of their enemy in a bottle which is full of magical items. When the enemy walks over the bottle that is buried, it results in bad luck, poisoning, or unnatural illness. I hope you liked this article. Please support us by liking us on Facebook. Thank you in advance.

By Florance Saul
Nov 6, 2012