The understanding about Hippopotamus contains supremacy, affecting strength, conception, imagination, remedial, proper use of violent behavior, capability to move stylishly through feelings, security of family, caring mom when essential, innovation of new technique, logical dreaming, strength courage and many more.

They are blessed in the traditions of Africa and Egypt. Hippos’ name significance is considered as “Water Horse”. Hippopotamus mainly spends most of the time in water. When it is not in the water apparently it remains on the land. It is very old realm of origin, authority, conception, imagination, and remedial. They are said to be the second biggest mammal in the world. They can help us in grounding our body and soul to the earth as a result we can handle and remove depressing emotional problems. In consideration about the supremacy of water, hippopotamus has a connection to the religious, imaginative and remedial monarchy of water.

They combine the essentials of ground and water and guide us how to combine the aspects of both water and ground into our everyday life. Liquid in the form of Water is correlated with perceptive significance and ground in the form of earth related with reality and immovability. If these animals can possess this power, we, the human being should also act as per our perception without judging it. We also need to maintain a realistic, impartial, creative, grounded life technique.

Habitually, water symbolizes beginning, feelings, originality and curing. Hippos are the promoter of creativity, flowing features of water. For this reason Hippos are connected with the innovative energies of second cycle that are linked with the stream of blood. They can keep themselves under the water for about 5 minutes without breathing. It teaches that even we can securely submerge our emotions.

They are amphibious. They have exceptional quality to settle in the water. The position of their eyes and nostrils are little upbeat on their head. Hippos can live more or less completely underwater and yet able to think about what is happening above the water. It teaches us to take part in emotional points without losing our perception. Hippos also can listen and take breaths completely under the water.

Whenever you will completely build up these aptitudes, you’ll learn an inborn skill to be strong under any circumstances. You’ll notice and explore the truth. Then you will be respected by others also.

If you posses these animal powers, your superior sensibilities will be awarded. You’ll learn how to adept all these situations. How to manage influential, innovative energies is the learning from the Hippos.

Hippos need deep water to cover them. The reason for this, their skin is fine and lean which has to protect from overheating. If you take lesson from this, you can be able to avoid sun related exertions like dehydration. So, you have to be careful about going outdoors.

Although Hippos are very quick and stretchy in their movement, they often change their set models. Whenever they leave water in the evening, they take the similar pathway; they create a channel in the soil quite a few feet deep under the water. It guides us to choose the best suited path for us and to stay on that path towards the right goal.

Hippopotamus shows up as a spirit guide when

  • Things have become bored in your life.
  • You notice a strong energy that surrounds you.
  • There is a period of activity that will happen soon.
  • There is need for you to learn the virtues to stop and relax.
  • There is need for you to learn to be aggressive when needed.

Call on a Hippopotamus as a spirit guide when

  • You have been feeling depressed.
  • You need change with your routine.
  • The relationship that you have is becoming stale and you need an inner spark.
  • It is important to make friends with others.
  • You find it hard to fight the odds with the ferocity that the situation demands.

By Florance Saul
Mar 25, 2013