Healing Bath Spell

Healing Bath Spell

A healing bath is a great way to draw out the feeling of general illness or the feeling of being “under the weather”.

That being said this spell is meant for simple illness and does not take the place of practiced medicine for more complex sickness. This healing bath will also help to remove any bad energies you my have come in contact with during your day.

What you will need:

A very warm or hot bath

½ cup sea salt

A healing oil such as sandalwood or violet

A white candle

This spell is best performed right before you go to bed so that the healing energy you have created can work whilst you sleep.

By the light of your white candle run the water for your bath. As the water becomes warm enough, sprinkle the salt through out the length of the bathtub. Once the bath is full, add a few drops of the healing oil. Dip your right hand into to the tub and swirl the water in a clockwise motion 3 times. Gently ease your self into the water. As you rest in the tub, visualize a white healing energy surrounding your body. Let it embrace you fully. Once you feel as if your body is consumed by this white light, allow the healing energy to overtake your senses. You will begin to feel the feelings of illness dissipate. Envision that the illness is a blackness overthrown into your white, healing energy. Once you feel that the process has taken effect, drain the water. Chant theses words “water flowing free, flows from me, to the see” and remain in the tub until it is empty. Quickly splash your self with fresh water to remove any remnants.

By Florance Saul
Nov 15, 2012