Haunted Items

Haunted Items

When it comes to Haunted items, some people think that only a ring from an ancient dynasty or a doll that lived with a magician can be haunted.

But truly, anything, literally anything can be taken over by the energy of not only a spirit, but of the residual emotions of the owner who once possessed it or even just someone who touched the object last. Everything has a vibration, even rocks, and when one vibration crosses paths with another vibration, especially if that vibration has a consciousness, such as in the case of humans, angels, demons, or the dead, then a higher vibration can in fact imbue itself into an object with a lower vibration. Therefore the idea of a haunted or possessed item is not just strictly from your grandmother’s great great great Aunt Susan’s toe ring, it can be your home, your bed, your mirror, the chair you are sitting in to read this article.

Some of the most prominent haunted objects are items you wouldn’t suspect. Dolls, pillows, silverware, antiques, houses. In this article we will speak of two of the most common haunted objects:

Haunted Dolls:

Haunted Dolls are by far one of the more creepy and frightening types of haunting that exists when it comes to objects. This could be because the object itself actually usually has a face and a shape that is sometimes human, and especially in old china classic dolls because their eyes look so very realistic sometimes. But dolls have been used for thousands of years to represent a person or a situation, and in magic, dolls are very handy in what is known as a technique called sympathetic magic. This is when one’s desires are imbued into an object that represents a person or a situation, and in working the magic, the practitioner is hoping to gather some kind of end result. But when a spirit, or a demon or a negative or positive vibratory energy decides to set up shop in your child’s Raggedy-Anne doll, you really don’t see that coming.

One particular case of a haunted Raggedy-Anne doll took place in the 1970’s where the doll was purchased from a local store and taken home to a child, named Donna. Donna loved her  Raggedy-Anne doll and took it with her everywhere. And when Donna went to bed at night, Raggedy-Anne would go with her. The problem is that Raggeddy-Anne wouldn’t stay in bed.

Then there were child’s notes that would suddenly start to appear in the house, objects were moved, furniture would be shifted, and not too long after that it was discovered that a child named Anna-belle had been killed on the property and it was determined by several priests and paranormal investigators that the doll had become haunted by this girl. Later evidence showed that Anna-belle would move throughout the day and at one point even began to get violent. To this day, this famous Raggedy-Anna-belle doll is held in the Warren Occult Museum on display in a locked glass case.

This is just one case of a haunted doll, but reports come in constantly of those who have the same (better or even worse) experiences with dolls which have become possessed or haunted.

By Florance Saul
Nov 7, 2012