Haunted house

Haunted house

When one thinks of their home, they don’t really think of it as an object so to speak, they think of it as their safe haven, the place they can come to hang their hat.

It’s not supposed to be a place that is full of uninvited guests, alive or dead.

Emotions exist; they have almost a visceral nature. When one is alive, the emotions can be absorbed into porous material. When one is dead, one can become attracted to the emotions one would exude in life and therefore stay in one spot for quite some time.

Sometimes if a person has spent most of their days in a home which they loved, or which brought them a lot of pain, their spirit doesn’t necessarily know how to leave it, and so they begin to possess it and sometimes these haunting can be more residual haunting, in which the emotions which charged the house causes a projected image of a spirit or person doing the same thing over and over again, or it could be what is known as an intelligent haunting.

Intelligent hauntings are specifically set aside for the spirits which fully comprehend themselves and their presence and either know they are dead and still want to own the house or they don’t know they are dead and they can’t figure out why people are always messing around with their stuff.

This tends to cause a problem if the house becomes owned by new tenants and the like, sometimes the presence in the house can become violent, or even deadly.

In the case of the famous Winchester house, Sarah Winchester was a bereaved woman who was dealing with the loss of both her child and her spouse in the late 1800’s. To understand her lack of luck and to work through her misery, Sarah went to a Medium who informed her that her home was cursed with malevolent spirits who had been killed by the very rifles the Winchester family name was said to manufacture. 

She was informed that she was next, but that if she continued to build the house, and the construction of it never stopped, then she would live a long life. Therefore she did. The Winchester house has 160 rooms, stairways leading to nowhere and some say to this day that you can catch a spirit in one of the confusing rooms, where it gets stuck with no further direction.

In other cases, the spirits are not so easily appeased.

But rest assured, if you have an object which you suspect may be possessed or haunted, simply rest it in a jar of salt, or cleanse it with salt water, asking for whatever spirit that exists to leave with loving blessings and so shall it be.

By Florance Saul
Nov 7, 2012