Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig

If your animal totem is a guinea pig, what does it signifies?

Where will the energy of guinea pig bring you?

In some places, guinea pigs are either known to be pets or source of meat. They are observed not to live in solitude but rather seen in groups, they are sociable animals but only of their same breed. The guinea pigs are seen to be excellent in communication able to transcend their affection and emotions. It is the characteristic of this animal that can be very helpful to those claiming guinea pig is their totem. Expect to have a heart for group activities.

In likelihood to deal with community they belong with and relationship concurrently having. The guinea pig may belong to wild populations in animal kingdom but they value the essence of groups. They do poorly in solitary activities. If your life seems to be confided with limits due to restraint from socializing, call on the spirit of guinea pig. This creature will enable you to imbibe a sense of being comfortable in groups. Living alone will never give you a happy life after all.

The guinea pigs are also mustered as intelligent creature which conceals nothing but expresses every state of being that they feel. If this is your animal, you will then be able to have a life that do not dwell in deception but lives with trust to own self and others. Their significance in the world of science as being test subjects manifests as they are vehicles to reveal truth.

This instance relays to you the essence of being able to discover those that are yet to be revealed after going through a study. Discovery of new things do not necessarily having to bump into it by chance. This signals that if you wish to explore and discover new eventualities or abilities within you, know yourself first. Do not depend on luck to avoid misfortunes.

Look within yourself maybe one of those who choose the company of people they perceive to be like them. They prefer to be person with whom they can easily communicate well. Although it does not mean solitary it also seems to be putting limits on the stretch of the people they socialize with which needs to be enhanced. Solitude is not a good option for it will eventually eliminated the opportunity for growth.

It could be the very reason that the image of guinea pig visits you. You may call on the energy of the guinea pig to enlighten you. It could contribute in making you see the ways to deal with it. The birth of new ideas and conception of renewed perceptions can significantly contribute to your well-being and it can be achieved if you widen your horizons.

The guinea pig shows up as a spirit guide when

  • Confidence to open yourself to others is possible.
  • Exercise to live with the company of other people.
  • Welcomes new ideas to come and affect your life.
  • Solitude is never the answer to problems.
  • Intelligence, compassion, and ability to express oneself dominates.

Call on guinea pig as a spirit guide when

  • The conflict on communication is unsettled.
  • You find difficulty in dealing with solitude.
  • Inability to adapt to new situations in life.
  • Truth over matters needs to be revealed.
  • Life seems too complicated yet limiting.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013