Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

Angels are not just products of our imaginations.

They are real and are by our side when you need them. Many people believe in angels. Angels are invisible and help protect people in times of need. Though you are unaware of their presence, they try to protect and help you. Their strength comes from your belief and love and that they often act as messengers, guides, miracle workers to become your protector. The world that surrounds you is the result of our thoughts. If we are occupied with hatred or fear, then the world around us would be filled with negative vibrations. On the other hand, if the world we create is full of love, then our guardian angels would gladly help us in every aspect of our life and even more if we ask for their help.

Knowing that guardian angels surround me and my life comforts me all day. I always communicate with them and ask for their help and guidance. Truly, they never left me behind. Most of the times, they make my day a joyful one with some surprises. There are also times that I just want them to be at my side all day.

I had heard about angels before but I was not sure of what are they. Until such time came that I knew I was hearing the voice of my guardian angels and it made me experience a life with my angels. I am so blessed because aside from hearing their voice, I can also feel their presence and even see them. But what is most important is that we should adhere to their words.

What is it like to work with angels?

Working with angels is wonderful. One time, as I was writing a paper, suddenly bright ideas came into my mind and that I was able to put my ideas into writing using words that I’ve not used in my previous works. They comfort me when I’m down and they also show me signs. These signs might be in a form of feather or a coin placed before me. There are also times when the candle flame flickers in a windless room. A sudden light from an unusual source might also be a sign. It could also be a sound on the radio that gives you numbers that would have meaning in your life in the near future. Here are concrete evidences of my guardian angels at work.

One time, I and my boyfriend had a misunderstanding and a deep silence seemed to build a wall between us. I don’t know how to approach him in order to fix the problem before he slumber. I asked for help from my guardian angels and they did the work of talking to my boyfriend. He tried to sleep but the angels won’t let him to so he got up and what happened next is what you could easily guess.

The angels urged me to sell our house right before the holiday season. I reasoned out and told them that the timing is not right but they insisted till I gave in and put a for sale sign. Months later, no one was interested in buying our house. I asked them why they were so assertive to let me sell the house yet no one is also interested to buy it. The angels would only tell me to lengthen my patience. After 6 months, one of my sons bought the house. To my surprise, he was then preparing to buy the house as I was then preparing myself to let go of our house. The long wait is part of the angels’ plan and of their wonderful work in my life.

I have sought help from angels to help people around me. How? In times of need and difficult situation my fellow is facing, I softly speak to the angels to comfort him and help him overcome the situation. After sometime, the same person would tell me that he felt the presence of angels and they calmed him down on the very time I asked the angels to comfort him. Angels really help us to live a happy life and they want us to always wear a smile.

At times, the angels fill my nights with so many new ideas in respond to my inquiry. Believe me, the next day I am so well even after a sleepless night.

I was on a trip when the gas gauge indicated a low gas light. The nearest gas station is quite far so I panicked. I realized that the angels would be the only help that I have so I prayed for their help. To my surprise the gas gauge needle suddenly indicated a higher gas level and I was able to reach the gas station.

An Important key

Be grateful. Give thanks all the time that the angels extended their help and even before you realize the help they had done. Angels want us to be grateful all the time.

Help and Guidance are a Thought Away

This is the right time to be more attentive to your angels. Whatever your situation, whatever your longings, wherever you are, call for your angels and they will be at your side all the days of your life.

Personally, all my works and my success are the outcome of my partnership with my angels. I gladly wish the same thing for you.

The author, Carolyn Porter, D. is an inspirational speaker, author, spiritual counsellor and energy facilitator who had realized the beauty of living with her angels all the days of her life and she gladly helps other people to see this beauty of having angels in their own lives.

Communication with Angels

Angels are the messengers of God. When people pray to God their prayers are carried by these Angels. Whenever people need help, they pray to the Angels and expect that they will help them in the best way they can.

Each person has a Guardian Angel assigned to them at the time of their birth whose role is to protect and guide them throughout their life. Other Angels may help with specific tasks along the way. By helping people a deep friendship is forged between them that only strengthen over time. A person should always thank their Angel for their help. Some people can feel their presence through sight, touch, smell or sound. Some may even have dreams and visions about them. These are subtle means of communication and should not be overlooked.

A person should try to be open to these signs. Doubting them and their messages may lead to confusion. One must have patience. They should practice writing them down in a diary. Communication with Angels is a beautiful and loving experience done with an open and trusting heart. One should never ask their Angels to harm another person.

To ask for help one must first prepare a “prayer list” or “wish list” of the things one needs help with. This can be done by keeping a journal/diary or writing them down on a notepad with the date and time.

The reason for including the date is so that one may come back to see the result of his prayer. He can make a note of what had happened and thank his Angel. It is important to be careful and precise while wording the prayers. The Angels already know what has gone wrong. So there is no need to list them.

It is important to protect one’s feelings from being hurt. In today’s work environment someone often invades another’s personal space. So people can pray to their Angels each day to shield their feelings and emotions. One can try to visualise a band around their feelings. This helps them remain detached from any emotional tug-of-war. It takes time to trust in its occurrence as the effects are not usually felt. Though it does not give someone power over others, practising this makes one emotionally stronger.

By Florance Saul
Dec 28, 2012