Grouse belongs in the same family of chickens and quails.

They can grow from 31-95 cm and weighs at approximately.3-6.5 kg. Male Grouses are a lot bigger and heavier compared to the female species. Grouse can grow feather on some parts of their body to adapt during the winter season, they use their feather in their toes to walk on snow.

Grouse are a favorite target during hunting season, and also consume for their meats. The Black grouse feathers are being used as an item for hats in Scotland. A traditional dance from the North American region copies the mating display of grouses.

Grouse stands for power, which can be negative in a certain level. Grouse people are always hungry for success and always seeking for a power growth. They will never be satisfied or contented with the amount of power they are getting, they will continue to drain the power source if it means granting the more power.

Grouse is also a symbol of energy, a never ending flow of life that made them lively and invigorating to watch. Grouch can also transmit its energy from others. People who have this animal as their totem symbol are always lively.

They are the main attraction of the group; grouse people always have an extra bag of sunshine within them. A grouse is also a reminder that you are seeing the world in a different way, life is too short, a day live without laughter is a day wasted. Do not fill your life with misery and negative emotions if your conditions aren’t met. Do not worry your time to succeed will come.

When this animal appears to you, it probably wants to remind you that you need to revitalize and replenish your energy. Go on a quick vacation if your work is too toxic, grouse wants to remind you that we are not a machine and we need to detoxify once in a while.

Have a time for yourself, during this time analyze and ask yourself, “Am I being too hard on myself? Or how did you reward yourself for a job well done?

A grouse can give its trust to others immediately but be wary once that trust is broken; you can never gain it again. They are the kind of person who can never again trust someone who betrayed them; they feel like they’ve been cheated, even though the concerned party does not really mean it.

A grouse wants a solitary life; he often wants to be alone away from the noisy surroundings. He is deeply motivated and a slight noise can ruin his concentration. When this creature appeared to you, it probably wants to remind you that you need to take a break from your stressful life.

Grouse shows as an animal spirit when

  • One is showcasing greed of power.
  • One’s spirit is too tired.
  • You need to rejuvenate your energy.
  • You are finding it hard to trust someone.
  • You want to be alone.

Call on grouse as an animal spirit when

  • You no longer want to be greedy.
  • You are having too much stress.
  • You need to put energy to your life.
  • You want to give your trust to someone.
  • You want a solitary life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 27, 2013