Gris Gris

Gris Gris

Gris Gris is both the action performed and the name given to an amulet which when worn by a person, brings great luck to the wearer and keeps away the evil spirits from harming them.

It is usually a small cloth bag or a small leather pouch with inscriptions. The pouch normally contains engravings which benefit the wearer. It may also contain stones and other items that have occult writings. The pouch is normally given to a person after a ceremony over an altar with burning candles, incantations and after sprinkling the pouch with blessed water.

It was initially thought that the Gris Gris was used during the 1800’s and 1900’s only to harm other people by manipulating them. It was thought to have black magic powers used to put a spell on the person who was disliked. But later on, after 1932, when the Voodoo culture became famous after films were made about the Gris Gris. This practice became more cherished as an omen of good luck and healing powers. 

The most common use of the Gris Gris is to aquire love. One of the actions for which it is given to a person is to find a lover or to keep him or her faithful. It can also be used to break up an unwanted relationship. A Gris Gris can be used for attaining power and dominance over others. Another use for it is to satisfy the craving for good luck in money matters and finance. 

Sometimes the Gris Gris can be used to undo some action which has been carried out or undo negative spell work cast by others. In ancient times when the modern contraceptive pill had not been discovered, the Gris Gris was used by women to prevent unwanted conceptions and pregnancies. The Gris Gris can bring good health, good fortune, great love and power.

By Florance Saul
Dec 3, 2012